Diffuser oil supplement bottle 100ml [Original NatureWorld]

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Diffuser oil supplement bottle 100ml [Original NatureWorld]


Classic natural essential oil fragrance combination The original ecological studio is exclusively 100% handmade Natural and non-toxic, safe and beautiful diffuser for maintenance ingredients content: Replenishing diffuser oil 100ml x1 Shelf life: 3 years How to use: Pour into the diffuser bottle, if the diffuser effect is not good, please replace the diffuser stick [Safety of original ecological fragrance products] Use ISOPAR, which does not harm the human body and the environment, and can directly or indirectly use cosmetic solvents. The aroma is adjusted with natural pure essential oils, which has the original aromatherapy effect of plants. Even if it is placed in the bedroom, the smell is not pungent and safe. No flammable volatile substances such as alcohol 【How to use】 Just add the replenisher to the original diffuser bottle. When the diffuser effect is not good, please replace the diffuser stick. On average, it will be used for 2-3 months. 【Precautions】 Made of natural essential oils, without added stabilizers, preservatives, and sometimes there will be some natural fusion deposits [Empty bottle repurchase discount mechanism] You are an environmental guardian like the original ecology? Just send the empty bottle back to the original ecology or bring it back to the original ecology studio, a complete empty bottle can get a fee of 5 yuan, or you can bring an empty bottle to the original ecology to buy There will be additional discounts! 【Introduction of Aroma】 【No.1 Rose】 Fragrance: Romantic floral fragrance Fragrance: rose Intensity: 5 "Rose rose, you are love, but also love! The rose exudes a romantic and charming floral fragrance, just like being in a passionate classical rose garden! The rose fragrance makes people feel young and energetic, full of confidence and vitality, and even full of personal unique charm! The rose fragrance is full of passionate love, awakening That sleeping love creates a romantic atmosphere for you. " 【No.2 Jasmine】 Aroma: Sweet floral fragrance Fragrance: Jasmine Intensity: 5 "Jasmine, Jasmine, you exude strong and charming confidence! And with perseverance; strong; loyal to true love and the courage to pursue happiness" Jasmine has a charming and refined sweet fragrance! The strong jasmine fragrance can also boost mood and lower the depression index! Jasmine fragrance brings a bonus effect to life! Jasmine fragrance can inspire you to find inspiration or creativity, and create youthful vitality for you! 【No.3 Lavender lavender】 Fragrance: fresh floral fragrance Fragrance: Alpine Lavender Real Lavender Intensity: 2 "Lavender Lavender you are the flower fairy of love You weave beautiful dreams for those who are waiting for love, Just pray and ask, and you can see miracles. " When you are tired, the scent of lavender brings you the power to balance your body and mind. When you are under stress, the scent of lavender can soothe your emotions and stress! When you are sad, the scent of lavender can reduce your depression! The fresh lavender scent can improve your sleep quality. [No.4 Fall in love Fall in love] Fragrance: Happy floral fragrance Fragrance: Rose Jasmine Lavender Intensity: 4 "When I fall in love with you......" This love at first sight, unforgettable sweetness, It seems that when the fresh lavender meets the passionate rose, it sparks the spark of love! This is a comfortable and gentle floral scent with a romantic atmosphere, just like the fragrance of love! Lovers in love, inject the jasmine-like self-confidence, let each other Fascinated! The fragrance of falling in love can inspire people's courage to pursue happiness" 【No.5 Golden Stage】 Fragrance: Golden round fruity Fragrance: Sweet Orange Jasmine Intensity: 4 "The golden ratio sweet orange itself has a warm aroma, When it meets the charming jasmine with a slightly sweet floral fragrance, The scent produced by the combination of the two is round and full, and it also brings a harmonious atmosphere!" Just like you are standing on the golden stage of life, this dazzling aroma, like gold, summons you with abundance of wealth and energy, and also brings a happy atmosphere! 【No.6 Rainforest】 Fragrance: Fresh floral fragrance Fragrance: Basil Rose Geranium Lavender Lemon Intensity: 3 "The rained forest, mixed with the scent of lavender, rose geranium...all kinds of flowers and trees, It is a kind of release, but also a kind of nourishment!" The fresh grass scent, like a forest that has been raining heavily, releases the natural Fendor essence scent, which not only relaxes people, but also allows people to enter the heart of the forest and feel the tranquility after the rain! [No.7 Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky] Aroma: fresh and sweet Fragrance: Elan Sweet Fennel Lavender Intensity: 3 "Sky! Sky! The rainy sky turns from indigo to crimson mist! The sky under the reflection changed from lake green to lemon yellow blue sky! The ever-changing sky brings you unlimited imagination. " The vanilla sky has a sweet scent, and the ylang ylang scent is charming and unique, bringing you confidence and great positive energy! The warm sweet fennel can soothe emotions and calm people! Lavender is the best relaxing partner. Through the fragrance of the vanilla sky, you will find the good times of the past years together. [No.8 Blue Ocean Blue Ocean] Aroma: Marine fruity Fragrance: Horse and Mint Jasmine Intensity: 4 "Walking on the shore of Sunny Beach, The summer sea breeze blows on your cheeks, a kind of freshness and nature, The refreshing and relaxing sensation is approaching you" Horse report, the scent of mint and jasmine is as if you are walking on the Mediterranean coast. The lemon trees on the roadside are mixed with slightly salty sea flavors. This is a relaxing and pleasant ocean vacation scent. " 【No.9Star Light】 Fragrance: Starlight Fragrance Key: real lavender, alpine lavender, white magnolia and jasmine Intensity: 4 "someone said The eyes of the first lover are like shining stars, with smiley eyes! In the brilliant starry sky, you just want to keep the eternal beauty in front of you!" Starlight fragrance mixes two different grades of lavender, real lavender and alpine lavender, The special lavender scent makes you soothe your mind and sleeps, with the sweet fragrance of magnolia and jasmine, This charming bedside fragrance is like seeing the beautiful mood you imagined under the stars. 【No.10Divine Tree】 Fragrance: natural comfort and freshness (top woody tone) Fragrance: cypress Intensity: 3 "The cypress is a sign of lush greenery! The fragrance and freshness of cypress, how natural Fendol is, It's as if you are in a forest, enjoying the beautiful fragrance of nature" Different from the general cypress aroma. We use an exclusive secret recipe to enhance the level of cypress aroma, The scent of sacred wood is warmer and more temperamental, This is a sacred atmosphere unique to Taiwan, It seems to see the beautiful Shenmu group, an unforgettable fresh fragrance. [NO11, Defenes Tree defense tree] Fragrance: natural comfort and freshness Fragrance: Australian Eucalyptus, Australian Tea Tree, Lemon Intensity: 3 A compound essential oil with excellent air purification ability, in perfect proportions, not only neutralizes the undesirable substances in the air, but also brings a sense of freshness and vitality like the sun. 【光LIGHT】 Aroma: Mild, sweet and fruity notes Fragrance: sweet orange, white musk, benzoin, frankincense, lavender, clary sage Intensity: 4 This is a scent full of positive energy. The scent is unique and mysterious and has elegant orange scent and the sweet scent of benzoin. The faint musk brings out an elegant layer, and the noble frankincense becomes the end rhyme of slowing down breathing. [Love LOVE] Fragrance: Elegant floral notes Fragrance notes: freesia, rose, jasmine, lavender, pink grapefruit Intensity: 4 Combining the elegant fragrance of freesia, and boosting the sense of vitality through pink grapefruit, as love can give people the warmth and strong courage to create eternity. 【MIRACLE】 Aroma: Fresh woody notes Fragrance: cedar, green tea, wintergreen, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, white magnolia Intensity: 4 The steady cedar and the fragrance of green tea invite the new holly to escape from the light of the dawn, keep hope, and believe that miracles can always appear in life. This product provides "Shuangbei One Day Express" service: -The service scope is limited to the Shuangbei area and can be delivered the same day. -This service time is for orders received before 14:00 from Monday to Friday, and weekend orders will be postponed to the next Monday. -When placing an order, please check the shipping method "Express" and note the expected delivery time. -Please allow at least "two hours (designer can flexibly adjust)" ample delivery and collection time. [Safe shipping guarantee] 1. Strengthen the cleanliness of personnel during the stocking process 2. Daily control and measurement of personnel body temperature 3. Pay attention to protective measures during the shipment process


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The original NatureWorld uses high-quality essential oils and fragrances to manually blend the space diffuser supplement bottle, with a safe and non-toxic base, simple packaging material, and a variety of fragrances to choose from.


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