Conjuration Spell Tome, Skyrim leather notebook journal sketchbook A5

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Crazy Leather Goods
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หนังแท้ สมุดบันทึก/สมุดปฏิทิน สีม่วง - Conjuration Spell Tome, Skyrim leather notebook journal sketchbook A5


☑ Only one avaliable. ☑ 100% Handmade: - Leather cutting; - Tooling (carving) technique, drawing a relief; - Hand painted after embossing, coloring of relief; - Coloring leather by professional leather dye; - Saddle Stitch. ☑ Product size (closed): Length: 18 cm (7 inches) Width: 23 cm ( 9 inches) ☑ The journal inside has standard A5 size, which measures 15 cm х 21cm (5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inches). Paper block (sketchbook) is already included. ☑ I use paints, dyes and top finishes (protective varnishes) of the American company Fiebing's. ☑ The front side is made of vegetable-tanned leather 2-2.2 mm thick made in Germany and has a thin leather lining. ☑ The inner part is made of leather by an Italian factory FAlCO PELLAMI S.p.A. The inner sections are made of thin leather with fabric reinforcement. This allows the creation of slim and durable pockets. ☑ The edges of the accessories are painted with Uniters edge paint. Uniters are paints for trimming leather used on premium products. This paint is used by bespoke masters in Europe, Korea, Japan. ☑ The accessory is sewn by hand, not by machine. The reward for time and work is a stronger seam. Saddle stitching is a technique that comes from horse saddles. But saddle stitching is not only used for saddle making, but also for handmade leather goods. ☑ Each piece is unique, accurate reproduction is not possible. ☑ Production time: 14-25 day. All accessory are made to order. You can check availability by writing to us or find out how long it will take to create an accessory. ☑ If you have another design idea write to me. ☑ Please treat the accessory with love. This is not a simple notebook, but a small work of art in the form of a notebook. No need to wash, wet and scratch the accessory. Do not store the accessory in the common section of the bag together with keys or other sharp objects. Do not leave the accessory in bright and open sun. For example, in a car or near a window. The paint can lose brightness from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Do not use chemical solvents near the accessory, vapors may damage or discolor the paint. ☑ Free Delivery: Russian Post. ☑ Be sure to write me the phone number of the recipient at the time of purchase. It may speed up delivery in your country. Shipping: Free standard shipping. We ship worldwide by RUSSIAN POST air mail with a tracking number. Shipping time is about 3-6 weeks to USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, 3-4 weeks to EU. It depends on the efficiency of your local post. Delivery time delays can be due to e.g. weather incidents, customs or backlogs. ☑ Due to pandemic and government arrangements in place, we are no longer able to guarantee delivery time. Delivery may last 30-40 day or more =(.


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Hancrafted leather notebook, sketchbook! The notebook is made of vegetable tanned leather, which is the most ancient and time-consuming method of leather dressing. This notebook features an carved on the front and amazingly beautiful leather on the inside. And the coolest thing is the voluminous relief, and it is really voluminous)


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