Let’s go to Tokyo Rain or Shine 2 Wear Waterproof Boots - Fei Nanxue

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หนังแท้ รองเท้าบูทสั้นผู้หญิง สีนำ้ตาล - Let’s go to Tokyo Rain or Shine 2 Wear Waterproof Boots - Fei Nanxue


🚩Let’s go to Tokyo Rain or Rain 2 and wear waterproof boots🚩 -------------------------------------------------- --- Origin/Made in Taiwan Color/Milk White, Graphite Black, Feinan Snow Heel height/2.5cm Weight/0.5kg Upper/3M water-repellent buffalo leather Lining/pork skin Insole/pig skin Sole/wear-resistant anti-slip rubber outsole Boot tube/front 11.5cm, rear 9.5cm Tube circumference/28cm Version / Moderate Suitable for foot type/medium foot type Foot width >9.8 cm, width is too tight -------------------------------------------------- --- 🔆 we do what we do **No-brainer and painless little boots** When I touched these boots for the first time, the first thing I felt was how soft they were! Soft and not flat to the touch, it feels really comfortable There was a lot of rain this year. In fact, it feels like it rains a lot every year. Waterproof boots are really convenient to wear when going out Especially in the north in winter, it often rains quite heavily when I go out. Seamlessly adaptable to rain or shine, these waterproof boots are both warm and moisture-proof. The design of this pair is very simple It’s a piece that you can wear without thinking about any clothes or skirts you want to wear today. It's light, it's soft, it's waterproof Has the qualities a good pair of boots should have These are genuine leather boots that are affordable and can be worn for several years. I can accompany you on a long journey Look at the beautiful scenery in the world, it is worth having it https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-1.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-2.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-3.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-4.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-5.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-6.gif https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-7.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-8.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-9.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-10.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-11.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-12.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-13.jpg https://www.bn.url.tw/NAA66-26-cm.jpg 📦Return and Exchange Instructions Product returns and exchanges must be in new condition. Shoes that have signs of use such as creases or outsole wear will not be returned or exchanged. Please pack the shoe box and accessories completely, and BN will notify home delivery of the contents of the package. **Exchange/** During the appreciation period, free shipping is provided for one size change service. However, if you request a return after exchanging the product, the buyer will need to bear the return postage of NT$160 for the exchange. **return the goods/** You can make a return request within 7 days from the day you receive the product. If you need to return or exchange an overseas order, the buyer must bear the shipping costs. 🚦International inspection standards determine non-defective condition🚦 Growth lines, skin lines, wrinkles and other non-artificial creases on animal skin. The handmade shoes have slight asymmetrical embossing on the left and right feet. The texture of the left and right legs of the leather is inconsistent, and the color correction of each batch of leather is within 5%. The threads or connections that can be cut off are sewn repeatedly, and the leather surface has less than 0.2cm of debris. Slight glue spillage, leather soaking or heavy foot sweat may cause fading.


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The design of this pair is very simple. It is a piece that you can wear without thinking about any clothes or skirts you are wearing today. It is very light, soft, and waterproof. It has the characteristics of a good pair of boots. Buy genuine leather boots that are not burdensome and can be worn for several years.


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