XuTea・Happy Time ( Detox Water & Gaba Tea)・Detox Water & Tea・Tasty Combo

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XuTea・Happy Time ( Detox Water & Gaba Tea)・Detox Water & Tea・Tasty Combo


░ Description ░ ・Lightly sweet, make you love to drink water easily. ・Best partner with sparkling water, fresh taste, and boost the spirits! ・Let’s party! enjoy with no stress. ░ Summary ░ “The party is ready to start, champagne, soda, and liquor are waiting for you too, is this possible to enjoy party and still drink healthy” Tasty Combo - Happy time is suitable with sparkling water, fresh taste with no stress, helps with water and vitamins supplement easily. ✧timing ✧ after exercising while you’re having a meal every morning when awake ░ Content ░ Combo packs: ・1611 Stay Young - Pineapple+Red dragon fruit+Tomato x2 ・1612 Fresh Slim - Cucumber+Lemon+Lemon Balm+Lime x2 ・1615 Tranquil - Marigold+Red Guava x2 ・Special bonus - Pure Tea Gaba x1 1611 Stay Young: Pineapple + Red dragon fruit + tomato https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5342/30372598753_52eb68f187.jpg ░ Content ░ 5g+-10% /pack ░ Points ░ ・Natural farming pineapples from Taitung + Organic red dragon fruit from Tainan with Orange-honeyed tomato. ・Adopt rapid freeze-dried, lock all the elements, flavor and remain the origin of fresh fruit. ・Pineapple contains enzymes, vitamin B1, vitamin C, can improve digestion. ・Tomato full of Lycopene, increase the capacity of antioxidant, helps with skin-care. ・Red Dragon Fruit is rich in zinc, iron, anthocyanins, beet red pigment, promotes metabolism. 1612 Fresh Slim Detox Water・清輕鮮纖飲 ( 小黃瓜+檸檬+香蜂草+薄荷 ) https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5715/31143815046_7d308bd937_b.jpg ░ Content ░ 1.75g+-5% /pack ░ Points ░ ・Special picked from the organic farm: Lemon (Taiwan)+ Mint (USA) + Lemon Balm (USA) + Cucumber from Taiwan natural farming. ・Adopt rapid freeze-dried, lock all the elements, flavor and remain the origin of fresh fruit. ・Cucumber is rich in potash, saccharide calcium B, phosphorus, iron, and selenium, these are essential elements to our body. ・Lemon is full of vitamin C, increase the capacity of antioxidant. ・Mint helps with digestion, reduce high heat from inside body, makes breath fresh. ・The lemon balm is rich in caffeic acid, rosemary acid, and ferulic acid can help to stay healthy and beautiful. ・Vacuum for every single pack, enjoy the minor elements detox water easily at anytime, anywhere. 1615 Tranquil : Guava + Marigold https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5335/31065208211_e0c82dcf82.jpg ░ Content ░ 2.15g+-10% /pack ░ Points ░ ・Special picked from fresh red guava, and organic marigold. ・Marigold has the smell of passion fruit, with guava’s sweet aftertaste, both sense of taste and vision are comforting. ・Adopt rapid freeze-dried, lock all the elements, flavor and remain the origin of fresh fruit. ・Herbal dried fruit series, lock all the nutrition from fruits easily and perfectly. ・Red guava contains lots of nutrition, especially polyphenol compounds. ・Marigold is rich in lutein, main core to stay young and beauty. ・Vacuum for every single packs, enjoy the minor-elements detox water easily at anytime, anywhere . •••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆•••❆❆❆••••❆❆❆••••❆❆❆••• ░ Brewing ░ ・Brew: Suitable for both cold brew and warm brew ・Cold / Warm brew: Use room temperature water under 50 ℃, let it brew for between 2 hours - 4 hours or more, cold brew tea could also be refrigerated afterward. ・Hot brew: ・Amount of water: Use 400 - 500 ml for each packet. Each packet can be brewed 1 - 2 times; depends on one’s habit. ░ Notes ░ ・We recommend you to enjoy eating the fruits, black beans, or chia seeds, after finishing the drink, helps with increasing the celluloses and protein. ・Please use a filter if you wish not to kiss these fruit when drinking. ・Each packets may have slight weight variations since tea leaves vary in size naturally. ・This product only contains detox water pack, not include bottle, please buy it another if you need. ░ Source/Made ░ Made in Taiwan


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