Jingjing Workshop*Love2hm [Cui Cai]-Tourmaline Long Chain/Sweater Chain

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Jingjing Workshop*Love2hm [Cui Cai]-Tourmaline Long Chain/Sweater Chain


★Material and size: Tourmaline 5-6mm Bing Piao Nan Red Agate Garnet The total length is about 56 cm, excluding the buckle/rope position There are relatively few sweater chains made of this size tourmaline, The chroma is still quite good, Fully transparent, so you can see the cracked stone flaws clearly~ Both sides of the tourmaline beads are selected by the designer to wear the color~ There is a reserved pendant position, no matter what big pendant it is equipped with, it will look great~ *The price includes a single chain, and the pendant is a shooting example ✔Metal oxidation and darkening is normal. There is no jewelry that does not fade. As long as there is oxygen in the ground, there will be oxidation The phenomenon. No metal can avoid oxidation. Gold becomes dark, silver becomes black, copper and iron rust, all of which are oxidation phenomena. This is a natural law and cannot be avoided. You can only rely on your usual maintenance, so no matter how expensive metal jewelry is worn for a long time, it will be dull and dull. Especially in summer, you sweat a lot. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, the alloy jewelry will fade faster. ✔The life of jewelry is related to personal wearing habits, and there is no certain number of years. ✔You can put it in a sealed bag when you are not wearing it to slow down the oxidation rate. If it becomes a little yellow, wipe it with a silver-wiping cloth and it will be as bright as new. ✔If you don't have a silver cleaning cloth at hand, you can also wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in toothpaste, which will also have a good effect. ✔In addition, the silver washing water is highly corrosive and may damage the surface of the silver ornaments. It is not recommended to use it. ★Crystal product purification Purification is to sustain and enhance energy. Because the spar has the function of "storing and memory", the spar itself will not only store good information, but also leave bad residual information at the same time, which will cause harm to users Impact. The safest way is to properly purify the spar, so that the spar can restore its original fresh and simple energy form, so that it can be used with peace of mind without any worries. ✔Do not expose colored crystals to direct sunlight, which may cause the crystals to fade under high temperature. ✔ If crystal products are metal (most of the stores have designs with silver ornaments), please do not soak them with sea salt. ✔The easiest way to purify is to demagnetize and charge it on the crystal cluster/gee! ★Notes 1. Natural crystal gemstones are unavoidable from ice cracks, impurity, black spots, cotton wool, because they are natural, they are not perfect; please understand before buying, thanks: ") 2. Each natural crystal and semi-precious stone is unique. Because the same design product is all natural crystal, there will be individual differences. 3. The goods are all real shots, but due to factors such as the camera angle and light, there will inevitably be differences. And the chromatic aberration on the computer is inevitable, so please understand the actual size before purchasing. 4. The screens of personal computer monitors are all different. A little color difference is unavoidable in online shopping. Please don't over-imagine it. If you can't accept it, please take a detour 5. Hand-made products are not machine-made, there must be traces of handwork or a certain degree of imperfection, if you can’t accept it, please detour, thank you. 6. The products are all made to order, and you can ask the designer if you have any requirements; the order schedule is based on the order of the studio. If you have special requirements, please be sure to talk to the designer! ★Jingjing's Perseverance Crystal materials are natural regardless of size, and support any inspection and identification. ☆☆☆☆☆Please make sure you can accept the precautions before subscripting☆☆☆☆☆☆ ❤About Jingjing Workshop❤ From the selection of materials, the selection of beads, and the design, every step is strictly controlled and attentive. Design a gift for you who have never met before, Love yourself more and cherish yourself more every day Girls will be more beautiful. Origin/manufacturing method hand&heart made in Taiwan *Jingjing Workshop has a fan group, welcome to play:")


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Fully transparent, so you can see the cracked stone flaws clearly~ Both sides of the tourmaline beads are selected by the designer to wear the color~ There is a reserved pendant position, no matter what big pendant it is equipped with, it will look great~


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