[Whales guard the ocean] Pure titanium cutting board/baking plate free small titanium plate/snack plate (light weight, antibacterial and easy to wash)

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TiANN x TiKOBO Titanium Tableware
TiANN x TiKOBO Titanium Tableware
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[Whales guard the ocean] Pure titanium cutting board/baking plate free small titanium plate/snack plate (light weight, antibacterial and easy to wash)


Pure titanium cutting board ~ laser engraving plate (same size as plain plate) protect food safety Guard Ocean Whales Self-contained lines will hair when they meet water Laser color carving is the use of laser energy to excite the self-color of titanium Pattern and color safety do not fall off There are also hidden specials for two whales. ♦️Even the primary color is burned in a vacuum high temperature furnace, high temperature pure titanium technology, good antibacterial effect, easy to wash, no mold, no residual smell, no residual color ♦️Maintenance-free, live by the mountain⛰️No need to change the cutting board ♦️The patented design prevents the soup from flowing out ♦️Pure titanium is non-toxic, can be cut and brushed at ease ♦️Although it is metal, the pure titanium cutting sound is low and not harsh, and it is not easy to slip the knife or hurt the knife, which will definitely subvert your imagination👍 Made in TaiwanMade in Taiwan Design patent The world's first metal cutting board, unique antibacterial pure titanium technology Taiwan's high-tech wisdom crystals do not rust, do not deteriorate, do not mold, buy early and be healthy ❗️Warm reminder This product comes with obvious lines as shown in the figure Perfectionists, please consider purchasing before placing an order😊 https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish-WL_01-size.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish-WL_03.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish-WL_04.jpg Subvert your imagination, for the health of your family, you must switch to a titanium cutting board 💞 https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish-2020_01-size.jpg Limited time offer to buy a small titanium plate x1 https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/DISH01-02.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/DISH01-03.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/DISH01-04.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/DISH01-05.jpg Camping tableware netizens recommend a must-have titanium cutting board Environmentally friendly cutting boards and environmentally friendly tableware that are not bad for use and are also the favorite of non-plastic customers https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish_03-feature.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish_04-Q&A.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish_05-notice.jpg https://tiann.tw/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/SGStest-dish02-800px.jpg https://tiann.tw/wp-content/uploads/pinkoi/cuttingboard800x600.png Notice: All tableware has been burned in a vacuum high-temperature furnace for antibacterial purposes. It is not easy to form a large-area titanium plate. Some are slightly deformed when they are new, and some are slightly deformed after being baked in an oven. If the gas is directly fired and the temperature is not uniform, the resulting deformation will be relatively large ♦️Patented edge 45. Beveled groove design, lay flat to prevent spills, hang up, water is easy to flow down and quick-dry, titanium is intimate, titanium is easy to use💖 ♦️Can be used as chopping board/cooking plate/large plate/tea plate/baking plate/kneading plate Can also be used as baby food prep tray, learning tray ♦️Because it is antibacterial and non-toxic, it can be multi-functional https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish02_03.jpg Material: Titanium Nippon Steel pure titanium Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan Design Safety Antibacterial Technology Leading the World Model: DISH02 Color: primary color Size: length 36 cm x width 30 cm, sheet thickness 0.2 cm Weight: about 300g Design Patent Patent No.D192948 Origin/manufacturing method Materials, R&D, design and production are all completed in Taiwan. https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/tiann-5c.jpg https://tiann.tw/wp-content/uploads/pinkoi/cuttingb-800x600.png https://tiann.tw/wp-content/uploads/pinkoi/new-800x600.png ★ Notes: No electroplating or coating concealer is used. Scratches or sand holes in the production process are normal phenomena that cannot be avoided by safe construction methods. ❗️When the oven is above 250 degrees or the gas stove is on direct fire, it may produce gray-blue-purple, and the color will not disappear, but it will not affect safe use Direct fire and high temperature may also cause plate bending deformation ❗️Dishwasher safe, but if the dishwashing liquid contains sodium percarbonate, it is more likely to leave water stains, but it does not affect safe use The photos on the website are for reference, because the shooting light is different from the computer monitor, please refer to the actual product. Please ensure that the packaging is complete (including the product itself, internal and external packaging, accessories, gifts, etc.) https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish_comp.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/Ti_report.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/TiClean-2020-V2.jpg https://old.titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/whyTiANN-2020.jpg https://tiann.tw/wp-content/uploads/pinkoi/2208pinkoiBonus.jpg


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Creates near-perfect pure titanium cutting boards for wet environments Taiwan's high-tech wisdom Five uses of Taiwan-made MIT Cutting Board Baking Pan Large Dinner Plate Prep Plate Defrost Plate Unique vacuum high temperature technology has good antibacterial effect The humid environment on the mountainside is not moldy Pure titanium is safe, non-toxic and free of toxic heavy metals cut low


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