Single person _ night waiting for me organic cotton single strap quilt cover _ 靛 blue

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-100% Turkish Organic Cotton OCS Certified Bedding - Please wash at a temperature below 30 °C, do not soak - This product is a skin contact product. It is excluded from the 7-day appreciation period of the Consumer Protection. Please confirm the size and c



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Single person _ night waiting for me organic cotton single strap quilt cover _ 靛 blue


*Size Description: 150x210 single quilt cover (with tie rope inside, quilt cover for strap draping design)*

*Material Description: Turkey 100% OCS Organic Certified Organic Cotton*

*<Photo Cooperative Awakening Series>

Before waking up every day, before lying down every day.
In the third batch of products, the photocooperative hopes to bring awakening primers to think about the new day; it is also a day of memories.
Day by day, we are constantly repeating the same cycle in our lives?
Still with a clear heart, not bound by the external framework?
The awakening series of the photocooperatives wants to awaken our sleeping souls. Every day, we face our own life with a new soul. We are not framed by inner fears, and we can live a more comfortable and full of every possibility.....

Turkish organic cotton, which has not been used for pesticides and herbicides for three years, was introduced to Taiwan by a well-known old factory, Taiyuan, weaving fabrics, and commissioned by the special manufacturing of the high-grade bedding group to work finely. The processing factory with 24 years of manual experience finely sewed. Made. *

* The light cooperation agency's mind is to let the Taiwanese people in the plastics industry big country use the organic cotton material that allows the skin to be completely breathable every inch of the pores during the eight hours of sleep every day, so that people who are already familiar with fast fashion will pick up again. Knowledge and hobbies about natural fibers.
As a brand with adult natural fiber bedding as the main axis, we hope to bring more awareness and reminder to our own products. It also makes the sleeping life and delicate skin more close to the natural one. desire. *

In the crowded, colorful streets of the East, from Korean and Japanese fashion shops to internationally renowned brands, fashionable clothing changes every season, and people who embrace fast fashion know nothing about the fabrics of their daily skin. .
Unconsciously, we can't identify the fabric on the body is actually a poorly-cored petrochemical fiber.
Unconsciously, we can't feel it. Although we didn't eat the fabric, we lost a lot of printing dyes and chemicals. Forgetting our body actually needs ventilation and breathing. Will it be in the distance between raw materials and consumers? On the day we don’t know each other, we have forgotten that the earth and the earth breathe....

Because bedding is not a daily change of clothing, so more attention to whether its materials and processes are friendly to the human body, we try to do a little more, the environment, the supply chain, the transparency of product information, the creation of a brand The starting point and each of these choices should start with goodness.

**"Photo Cooperative" is a bedding brand that combines beauty, temperature and friendliness.**

**The dual personality of FiatLux Light Cooperative.**
External personality is derived from the sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to promoting the use of natural fibers (such as cotton, hemp, wood pulp fiber, Tencel, etc.) or recycled fiber. The inner personality is visualized from the beauty, designed to set off the texture of the fabric itself, the style is simple and elegant, let people return to the bedroom and release the pressure and tension throughout the day in the gentle color system.

**"Photos cooperatives don't just sell bedding, they just don't just sleep. What we are responding to is the desire to really... quietly after each return to the bedroom."**

** "Photo Cooperative" is the first organic cotton bedding brand in Taiwan that offers a variety of colors.
It is also the first bedding brand in Taiwan with the core of natural fiber and environmental friendliness. **
Origin / manufacturing methods
Turkish organic cotton / Taiwan textile factory Taiyuan manufacturing / 30 years of power processing factory sewing


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