[Customized 002] Gradient Salt Source Agate 02 | Doujin Crystal DIY Design Necklace

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Camellia Adornments
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[Customized 002] Gradient Salt Source Agate 02 | Doujin Crystal DIY Design Necklace


**【Product Introduction⌒Product Introduction】** Printed Necklace Design Gradient Salt Source Agate 12mm Gold-plated gold-plated through-flower small gold beads Transparent elastic crystal line **【Introduction to Crystal Effects⌒Crystal Introduction】** ⠀ **.*・。☆゚.*・。☆**Gradient Salt Source Agate**.*・。☆゚.*・。☆** ⠀ (1) Salt source agate has antihypertensive effect. (2) Salt source agate has the effect of eliminating human fatigue. (3) Salt source agate can protect the heart and spleen. (4) Salt source agate bracelets have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation system. (5) In ancient times, residents put salt source agate at home to dispel disasters and keep the family safe. .*・。☆゚.*・。☆.*・。☆゚.*・。☆⠀ ⠀ 💡**Why do crystals need to be demagnetized?** ⠀ The crystal will have memory, but it will not distinguish or select the wearer, so when it comes into contact with different people and enters and exits a relatively unfavorable environment (hospital, funeral home, etc.), it needs to perform degaussing action to eliminate the bad energy. ⠀ Generally, the crystal still needs to be purified and degaussed regularly, and the crystal will also absorb the negative energy of the wearer. **🌕 Crystal degaussing method** __1. Cluster, Geode, Pillar__ This should be the most familiar degaussing method. Put the Stone on the crystal cluster, crystal column or in the geode for about one night, through the energy emitted by the crystal cluster to charge the Stone, and at the same time to remove the impurities of the crystal, the magnetic field of the Stone can be digested. Effect. The larger the crystal cluster or the geode, the better the effect. As long as you don't wear the Stone, you can put the Stone into the crystal cluster, and you can keep charging the Stone. __2. Natural crystal Stone/demagnetizer__ Pour the degaussing stone into a clean container; place the crystal jewelry that needs to be degaussed on the degaussing stone. Crystal ornaments should be placed on the demagnetizing stone when they are not usually worn, or placed overnight to fully refill their energy and achieve the effect of growing crystals with crystals. It is recommended to use white crystal for the best effect, because white crystal is an absorbing crystal, which can absorb the negative energy left by other wearers in the crystal, balance the positive and negative energy of the crystal, and transmit positive energy to the wearer. White crystal is also called the "King of Crystals", so it is best to demagnetize other crystals. __3. Clear water__ Rinse the Stone under the tap for about 10 minutes (choose natural mountain spring water/mineral water/distilled water instead), rinse and wipe dry, then place it in the open air to let nature charge it, but please pay attention to colored crystals Don't stay in the sun for too long. There are only Stone such as pyrite or Bronze , which are not suitable for cleaning, because this type of Stone contains iron and Bronze components and cannot be washed with water. __4. Aromatherapy__ Incense incense, sage, Peruvian holy wood or agarwood is ignited indoors, and then the Stone is placed on the smoke from the spice, which has the effect of purifying the magnetic field of the Stone. This method is the most convenient and most efficient of all degaussing methods. Note that when lighting the incense, please be careful with the fire, so as not to cause a fire. ☆゚.・。☆゚.・。☆゚.・。☆゚.・。☆゚.・。☆゚.・。☆゚.*・。 ⠀ **【Product Package⌒Product Package】** ⠀ One backup crystal line (not applicable to the adjustment chain) A lead wire (not applicable to the section chain) ⠀ **【Reminder ⌒Friendly Reminder】** ⠀ 1. Hand circumferences are all measured by hand, there may be a little deviation. Please understand and accept the purchase. ⠀ 2. The computer screen and the mobile phone screen have different colors. There is a color difference between the real object and the photo, but we will try our best to adjust and close the color difference between the real object and the photo. Please be considerate and accept the purchase. ⠀ 3. Natural mineral crystals have natural ice cracks, cotton wool, mineral spots such as small black spots, flat beads, etc., please accept the purchase. ⠀ 4. Do not wear it for bathing, hot springs, or prolonged exposure to water/hot water. Because it is not good for crystal, 18k gold-plated gold beads, or crystal wire. ⠀ 5. Crystal hardness is different, please be careful not to collide with force.


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【Product Introduction⌒Product Introduction】 Printed Necklace Design Gradient Salt Source Agate 12mm Gold-plated gold-plated through-flower small gold beads Transparent elastic crystal line


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