❖ ❖ grass herb tea for personal use to share group

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❖ ❖ grass herb tea for personal use to share group


https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-lImMn4GbrUg/V67YS1vVC_I/AAAAAAAACqE/Kq7_-2MukpM-nYUHOiU2KEa6miahq_KOACL0B/w1644-h1096-no/01.jpg ============ Environmental groups to develop the idea into a 30 ============ Packaging design for future life comes from our imagination, because I wanted to try to reduce their power usage of various types of packaging material, so in addition to the development of a single product herbal tea, but also designed to share environmental group. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-CqlCF0VRA3Q/V3iP3_uQzlI/AAAAAAAACfU/5rGIpYFssfEsD2mIVJKxry81LPaGMHqLACL0B/w1644-h1096-no/B1.jpg 30 package contains a combination of environmental protection within the total vanilla tea, taste refer to the following links below https://www.pinkoi.com/product/rTuinLkY?category=10 | https://www.pinkoi.com/product/jGwy3cCP?category=10 | https://www.pinkoi.com/product/GdTn42GH?category=10 | https://www.pinkoi.com/product/sKzyvCBr?category=10 =============== ================ With purchase https://www.pinkoi.com/product/4FSedJJs?category=9 (❖小草作❖周邊商品|隨身冷泡瓶) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/2XN46MRd?category=8 (❖小草作❖周邊商品|手提紙袋及禮卡代寫服務) **░ origin** Made in Taiwan Qualified by SGS inspection pesticide 310 **░ Specifications** Tea tea bags about 2.5g, 30 into / box Tea bags shipped randomly taste, to taste Please specify when ordering Remarks **░ save mode** Placed in dry shade, and suggested that drinking is completed within a month =============== Reassuring Declaration ================ In addition to taste, we are more concerned each feedstock used For tea, we added a lot of imagination and develop new design and development process is like an experiment. Starting from their own cultivation of vanilla crops, the production of ideas to find similar raw materials, and sometimes need to go to Nantou tea area, or Miaoli Tanabe, only to find reassuring raw materials, process, we know many farmers who, on the one hand to listen share their own life experiences and planting, as well as the idea of how to feed with home-grown herbs in combination to create can convey their ideas but also to meet everyone's taste buds vanilla tea, to let you feel at ease in the most simple way enjoy some fresh and natural tea time. ☑ feel at ease using non-toxic materials, and by SGS310 pesticide residue test ☑ no coloring preservatives added, so that you feel at ease eating ☑ This product has been insured product liability insurance ☑ Taiwan manufactured and packaged by hand =============== ================ News ⌦ television interview · TVBS step at a time to discover new Taiwan (2016.09.24) | herbal tea from the roof <grass for> · ⺠ television news (2016.07.16) | top students graduating roof farm farming business · Next Media Animation (2016.08.14) | IG Korean girl being pushed like mad ram popular dried fruit water ⌦ magazine press reports · Vogue (August issue) | Shing contained Beautiful secret with the king of flowers rose from the inside out beautiful skin care · Belle Lennon Lennon Magazine (June issue) | Taipei Rediscovery · Hong Kong Economic Times (2016.10.11) open-grown herbs for tea grass · FINANCE Apple Daily Edition (2016.07.13) | roof farms to grow herbs can be bought only healing * Liberty Times LifeStyle Edition (2016.09.05) | healthy and environmentally friendly water accompanying fashionable people fall in love with seconds ⌦ online magazine reported | · Mith stylish fun to play (2016.08.22) | embrace the lazy - grass for X Tea Shop · Taipei na Bldg (2016.08.12) | Taipei Bldg Hikaru の で い self cultivation shi te ru ni Tong Green Haas ー bu more shi ma re ta ka fu ェ で の お tea shi te ma se mi-san ka? · POPBEE (2016.08.28_ | nice mind Drink: When the fruit skin care brand meets the water, is a new model of health and beauty!


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