And real flowers || strawberry Melaleuca dry hair clip hair ornaments jewelry outside the film

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And real flowers || strawberry Melaleuca dry hair clip hair ornaments jewelry outside the film


Material: small daisy, wheat straw chrysanthemum, amber fruit, thousands of red, rabbit, not hydrangea and other flowers
Size: flower width of about 6.5 cm, up and down about 6 cm wide
※ Please note that the back of this hairpin is a two-in-one (such as the last one), in addition to not in the hair, you can not in the clothes, bags hat decoration Oh.

Wheat straw has a mature elegant powder
Small daisies is a blatant powder
Thousands of red is full of girls flavor powder
Small buds, gypsophila, rabbits
Baby powder of Canary with wax chrysanthemum, hydrangea petals transparent light
Stack, intertwined, as if it became a touch of delicious dessert

Hairpin is suitable for when the bridesmaids, dating, and kimono bathing experience to wear :)

Before you buy Note:
Dry flowers should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, try to avoid moisture.
If a long time and produce dust, brush with a brush can be gently.
Basically can save about a year.
As the dried flowers are from the natural products, each flower's tone posture are not the same.
Also through the phone, computer screen, may be likely to lead to receipt of items will be a little color, such as will mind, please think twice after the purchase.
Part of the best part of the book is scheduled to be discussed two weeks in advance, because some of the flowers are seasonal is not necessarily all year round, plus the opportunity to provide two fine-tuning products to both sides of a buffer period!
Have any questions are welcome to welcome. :)

About designers here too:
Had spent nearly three years in the flower shop, from the potted plants, flowers finally exposed to dry flowers.
Know that in addition to some simple flowers can be their own dry, there are many imported from a variety of different foreign flowers.
Deeply fascinated by all kinds of gestures, whether it is fruit, flowers or leaves.
Hand of the joy and sense of accomplishment, is once on the attachment of how can not afford to forget.
From an early age like painting, with a basic aesthetic concept and then with the flowers to stimulate a gorgeous spark.
Because you really appreciate the famous Japanese photographer "Ninagawa real flower", like her lens that bright and gorgeous picture, and her most famous shot is the "flower", so
Want to let you see a lot of colorful works, so "and real flower" was born so.

Flowers full of moist and full of vitality, and dry flowers is after years with a simple atmosphere.
This treasure from the nature of the good cherish.
A bunch of bouquets, unlock eyebrows; a pot of potted flowers, infected with a smile; a bouquet of flowers, happy full of surplus.
In the busy days, at least spend the United States can let us temporarily breath.
Want to give dry flowers more new style, passing a good transmission of happiness.
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan, handmade


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