2022 Greetings/Where is the Tiger/Stay Safe Stencil Postcard

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jessie x alashi
jessie x alashi
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2022 Greetings/Where is the Tiger/Stay Safe Stencil Postcard


Continuing the theme of "in the room" in 2019~2021 looking for tiger There are three small cats in the picture, one of them is fake, can you tell? 1) The second floor of the house is not only a living room but also a studio. There is a large floor-to-ceiling window, and the staghorn fern outside the window is still very strong. 2) Mimi always likes to jump to high places to overlook everyone. According to research, cats who like to be in high places are smarter. 3-1) When working, reading and writing, Titi often rubbed against my feet, hoping that I could throw a piece of jerky for him to satisfy his cravings. 3-2) On the desk is the unfinished Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra: At the beginning of July, thousands of people who participated in the writing of the Heart Sutra at the Bodhisattva Temple will perform merit devotion at the Medicine Repentance Master Meeting on October 22. Since the end of June, I have been searching for the copied Heart Sutra, and I found that not only can I pray that the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world will slow down, but I can also dedicate it to my relatives. During the outbreak, I lost my beloved mother due to an accident. Praying for blessings and doing meritorious deeds for mothers is the only thing that can be done at the moment. 4) After the first seven days, the younger brother dreamed that his mother and grandfather who had passed away for many years stood on the terrace outside the floor-to-ceiling window, smiled and waved to the younger brother, and then left the window. Since my brother had this dream, everyone was relieved and comforted. 5) Since the outbreak of the epidemic, I have not stepped out of outdoor sports for nearly three or four months. I have done a little maintenance for the bicycle and cleaned the oil on the chain. My mother is also a tiger. Since my mother left, I have often wondered, where will people go after they leave? On the Internet, in books, looking for clues. Although many months have passed, and although I no longer break down and cry like the first three months, the sadness is still sweeping in waves. Sometimes I feel peaceful, and I feel that my mother has reached a carefree place, her homework in this life has been completed, and the Bodhisattva will take her to practice first. But more often, I am often surprised to find that my mother is suddenly gone, and when I think of never seeing my mother's happy smile again, a sad mood spreads through my heart instantly. The New Year's greetings have privately drawn pictures that I want to draw. I wish everyone a safe and happy new year in 2022! Using stencil printing Paper: frosted white paper Ink: black, red, green, cyan


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2022 stencil printing year congratulations, wish you all the best!


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