10x/15mm Monocular magnifier 7300 for watch repair made in Japan

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10x/15mm Monocular magnifier 7300 for watch repair made in Japan


**Japan ILK Ikeda Reinko Industry Co., Ltd.** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/ILK-LOGO-M3.jpg?1497318689922 **10x / 15mm Monocular loupe for watch repair made in Japan #7300** **Selected monocular magnifier for watch repair** Eschenbach, Germany: 7x/25mm (11247) ∥ 15x/13mm (1130) ILK Ikeda, Japan: 6x/23mm (7230) ∥ 10x/15mm (7300) Hamlet Time Staff: 6x/21mm (A055) ∥ 10x/19mm (A056) ∥ General rubber headband (A056-E) **product description** When repairing clocks or inspecting precision parts assembly, high magnification is required. General magnifying glasses are used for reading, so the mirror surface is large. If made into a high magnification magnifying glass, the product will be too bulky and the lens thickness will be too thick. The eyecup magnifier has fixed eye distance, only need to adjust the focus of the object when using it, and it can be used through a single eye. For long-term and high-magnification observations, the eye mask magnifier is the best choice, and it is also one of the necessary tools for professional watch repairers. **feature of product** **Glass lens made in Japan** The blue glass lens made in Japan is adopted, and the imaging effect is clear. **High-quality suede lens cleaning cloth [Taiwan limited]** It comes with this product, a selection of Taiwan-made double-sided brushed suede lens cleaning cloth, which can easily wipe off fingerprints and dirt on the mirror surface. The cloth can be washed and reused. **How to use** 1. Cover the eye with better eyesight at the opening of the eyecup magnifying glass, and clamp the magnifying glass firmly between the upper and lower eyelids. 2. Slowly move the object closer to the eyecup magnifier, the sharpest image will be formed when it is at the focal length. 3. It can be used with a special rubber headband to facilitate long-term observation. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/H305-3-PL2.jpg?1497781856001 **Precautions** . Do not place the lens in the sun when the lens is exposed to avoid danger. . The focal length (working distance) stated in the specifications is the actual test result, but may vary slightly due to the individual's vision. . When wiping the mirror surface, first wipe it gently with a clean cloth in a single direction. If you draw a circle or wipe it back and forth, it may scratch the lens. **Product specifications** Magnification: 10 times Mirror size: 15mm Lens material: Japanese blue plate glass Lens method: two separate Mirror body material: plastic Focal length: 10mm Size: diameter 36x high 45mm Weight: 10g Origin: Japan **brand introduction** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/ILK-logo3-M2.jpg?1497236734019 Japan Ikeda Reinko Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Showa 37 (1962). The company is located in Ikuno District, Osaka City. It specializes in the production and sales of various magnifying glasses. The magnifying glass is not only a reading tool for the silver-haired people, but also has a variety of working magnifying glasses and magnifying glasses. Glasses, etc., allow the general public to reduce eye fatigue and improve work efficiency when working. Excellent quality, diverse choices, and affordable prices are the characteristics of Ikeda Reynko Industry Co., Ltd. series products.


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■ Watch repair and precision inspection ■ Made in Japan and imported with original packaging ■ Japanese blue plate glass lens ■ Sharp imaging and fine depth of field


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