Christmas gift box exchange gift-hub gift box-storage of small things

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There are too many annoying little things in life, how can we let messy wires, large and small, interfere with you again!! This Christmas we launched a 4-piece set of hubs, which can be collected directly, and let us be the masters of storage and make life tidy. Upset!! It is also super suitable for exchanging gifts, because everyone needs a hub~!!



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Christmas gift box exchange gift-hub gift box-storage of small things


Longer universal hub X2 (Total length: 8-10cm) Shorter universal hub X2 (Total length: within 8cm) Width: 1.5-2cm Color: random (there will be at least three colors) (There is no so-called public version, the length and width are different, and each one looks different, so we also call them: different hubs) Small gift card X1 (In addition to adding colors to the small gift card full of solar terms, there is also a blank space on the back. Don’t forget to leave your emotional text to give the other party full of blessings) *Gift Box Series Instructions* In order to deliver the gift box to you/you quickly during the festival schedule, the color of the universal hub will be randomly matched by us. The products in the gift box do not provide engraving service. If you have other needs or those who still want engraving service, please first Communicate with us via messages/ Last Christmas added paper bag packaging in response to environmental protection, and the effect was very good. You are welcome to use paper bags or those who love environmental protection. Choose paper bag packaging options and save yourself a little money! *Paper bag packaging will still have a layer of bubble paper for anti-collision, if you don't mind the beauty of the paper bag, please leave a message when placing your order: please simply pack, we will help you save the anti-collision packaging material , Let's go green together!! **Color introduction** Vegetable tanned cowhide The most original: original skin color (after oxidation, it can grow beautiful caramel color) Environmentally friendly dye rendering sense: red wine red, lake blue, green and green Environmentally friendly dyes without rendering: extreme black Through dyeing uniform color: mature brown, red clay coffee, cocoa coffee **Custom service** Most of the products can be customized, as long as you have ideas, welcome to discuss with us, we will try our best to complete it for you. Some products of vegetable tanned leather can provide free English engraving service (the most beautiful within 8 letters). We use knock-printing instead of branding. The lighter the color, the more obvious the leather. Hand-knocking will inevitably cause small skew , If the above is acceptable to you, welcome to ask for engraving service. **Leather awareness** Vegetable tanned leather: It is tanned with plant tannins, also known as environmental protection leather. It will oxidize over time, the color will become darker and brighter, with natural textures, and some textures will become more obvious with the use of time. The original skin color can gradually develop from light skin to caramel color. Most of the dyed leather will be one to two levels darker. Due to the difference in environmental temperature and the amount of oil in the hands of the human body, the leather produced by each person will be different. Oh! Chrome tanned leather: It is kneaded with chrome powder. It has a heavier taste, but has a softer touch. The color is made by paint, and the texture is post-processed and pressed. It is more uniform and resistant to dirt. Brand products are mostly made of vegetable tanned leather with natural patterns and irregular patterns, which may become more obvious after a period of use. These are the unique properties of vegetable tanned leather. Those who only like regular patterns need to pay more attention to leather Variety! **Maintenance instructions** The leather is not water-resistant. Do not take a bath and do not soak it in water. If this happens accidentally, please take a clean cloth and press it to absorb the water as much as possible, and place it in a ventilated place to dry it naturally. (Electric fan or hair dryer is not available), water will take away the grease, and the leather will lose its protective power. You can apply leather care oil (mink oil) as a remedy, or you can send it back for us to help you/you re-oil and maintain. Don't use the leather items that are often used in damp and dark places. Remember to take them out regularly every season and do simple oiling maintenance. However, the best maintenance oil is the oil on the human body, so remember to use them often! **Brand story** *Temperature By Hand*The temperature from the palm of your hand Insist on pure hand-made, just to pass the temperature of the palm to you/you. With chemical-free vegetable tanned cowhide, environmentally friendly dyes and rendering techniques present a unique mysterious color. What I fall in love with is the naturalness and purity of leather, then you/you? *The temperature from the palm of your hand*is the biggest core of this brand, from discussion to design, from design to production, from production to delivery, from delivery to use, and from use to collection. The most important point is our hand, and the temperature conveyed by the palm of the hand can transform the leather into a perfect leather product, which can leave a unique color and texture on the leather product after use, which also brings us a share beautiful memories.


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