7x/22mm Japan-made measurement type achromatic magnifier SL-7A

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7x/22mm Japan-made measurement type achromatic magnifier SL-7A


**Japan ILK Ikeda Reinko Industry Co., Ltd.** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/ILK-LOGO-M3.jpg?1497318689922 **7x / 22mm Japan-made measurement type achromatic magnifier SL-7A** **product description** The measuring magnifying glass is integrated through the scale on the scale board and coordinated with precise optical calculation. The high-quality measuring magnifying glass has low error value and can accurately measure. It is most suitable for observing printing dots and flat objects to improve work efficiency. You can also remove the scale plate to observe the raised objects, and it can also be used as an auxiliary lens for amblyopia. **feature of product** **Achromatic glass lens made in Japan** The lens adopts Japanese-made achromatic glass lens (Achromatic Lens), which has high light transmission and excellent resolution. The achromatic optical design can reduce the chromatic aberration generated around the imaging and restore the true color of the observation object. **Glass scale plate** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/H028-Scale-PL2.jpg?1497319006603 The scale plate is made of glass with good light transmission. The scale is processed by laser engraving, which is not easy to fall and has a long service life. The engraved content is a crosshair, a measuring range of 20mm, and a minimum unit of 0.1mm. It can be removed when not in use. **How to use** 1. Place your eyes on the groove of the eyepiece to view the object to get the best view. 2. When observing a flat object, adjust the focus wheel to the bottom. 3. When observing the raised object, remove the scale plate and turn the focusing wheel counterclockwise to adjust to the best focus. 4. When the light source is insufficient, it can be used with a penlight. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/743b8444b44b7ac3bcf4459fd2cef826.jpg **Precautions** . Do not place this product directly under the sun to avoid danger. . When wiping the mirror surface, do not wipe back and forth vigorously, as it may scratch the mirror surface and affect the vision. . If it is severely soiled, wipe it gently with a damp cloth in a single direction, and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. **Product specifications** Magnification: 7 times Mirror diameter: 22mm Lens material: Japanese-made achromatic optical glass Measuring range: 20mm Minimum unit: 0.1mm Size: Diameter 35x Height 49mm Weight: 22g Accessories: storage bag Origin: Japan **brand introduction** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/IL.K/ILK-logo3-M2.jpg?1497236734019 Japan Ikeda Reinko Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Showa 37 (1962). The company is located in Ikuno District, Osaka City. It specializes in the production and sales of various magnifying glasses. The magnifying glass is not only a reading tool for the silver-haired people, but also has a variety of working magnifying glasses and magnifying glasses. Glasses, etc., allow the general public to reduce eye fatigue and improve work efficiency when working. Excellent quality, diverse choices, and affordable prices are the characteristics of Ikeda Reynko Industry Co., Ltd. series products.


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■ Recommended for printing dot inspection ■ Made in Japan and imported with original packaging ■ Achromatic restores true colors ■ Laser cross engraving ■ Detachable scale plate ■ Measuring range: 20mm ■ Minimum unit: 0.1mm


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