Diffusing triple gift box 70ml × 3, comes with 30 diffusing sticks, universal card, branded paper bag

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Diffusing triple gift box 70ml × 3, comes with 30 diffusing sticks, universal card, branded paper bag - น้ำหอม - แก้ว


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53187570387_9bab2075bf_b.jpg Put your favorite scent into a gift box and give it to the world-weary friend you like. You can also give it to yourself and enjoy your own time🤍 G series misanthropic diffuser bottles are suitable for various misanthropic situations in the world Let the world-weary you and your friends In the most depressing moments (all the time) Inadvertently feel the salvation and relief brought by that scent ◇ Alcohol-free formula, made with essential oils ◇ Strict cost control, saving various marketing expenses, and keeping sales prices as low as possible https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53188285756_d4c520793c_b.jpg **【Product contents】** World-weary diffuser bottle - 70ml * 3 cans, you can choose transparent cans vs. amber cans (color mixing is not allowed) Diffuser sticks - 10 pieces * 3 boxes, you can choose wood color vs. black (no mixing of colors) Universal card - 1 piece Branded paper bag - 1 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53188285726_b38947f687_b.jpg **◆ Three world-weary fragrance combinations to help you choose◆** ***If you want to mix it yourself, please choose three of the nine fragrances in the optional combination below (can be repeated)** **❶ Sleep well G1 ✕ G5 ✕ G6 (petitgrain citrus ✕ rose wood ✕ rosewood wood)** If you receive too much noise or stimulation before going to bed, you may not be able to fall asleep peacefully or you may be busy dreaming. Let this neutral and mild fragrance combination help him empty his head, loosen the screws that were too tight, sink his body into the bed, and give him a good night's sleep. Also suitable for use while meditating, doing yoga or reading **❷ Natural neutral wood G4 ✕ G6 ✕ G9 (lemongrass wood ✕ rosewood wood ✕ warm ginger wood)** For those who are a fan of wood, its three distinct woody fragrances can make your body and mind comfortably immersed in nature, whether you are in the city, indoors, at home or at work, or even while traveling. In the mountains and forests, forget the hustle and bustle of the world Neutral fragrance is widely accepted, and it is also suitable as an introductory model for fragrance novices. **❸ Floral fragrance changes mood G2 ✕ G3 ✕ G8 (ylang-ylang milky fragrance ✕ chamomile floral fragrance ✕ verbena wood)** Whether it is the warm aroma of ylang-ylang and lavender, the light chamomile with a hint of citrus sweetness, the olfactory awakening of verbena and chamomile, or the mellow layer of calm sandalwood, it will definitely satisfy those who love the fragrance of various flowers. He can't put it down Suitable for use when you want to give encouragement and support or lift your spirits **★ Optional combination (please note the three fragrances you want to pair)** [G series fragrance description]: G1-petitgrain citrus note G2 - Ylang ylang milk fragrance G3 - Chamomile floral fragrance G4 - lemongrass woody tone G5 - rosewood tone G6-rosewood wood tone G7-Sweet orange fresh tone G8-Verbena woody tone G9 - Warm ginger woody tone Want to know more about each fragrance and individual characteristics we develop? You can come here and have a look 👇 https://www.pinkoi.com/product/KaghJgVr https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53188655408_f14ff31cb7_b.jpg 🔺 Since essential oils are natural extracts, the color of the diffuser we prepare will be affected by the different colors of each batch of essential oils, so if the color you get is different from the one in the photo or the one you purchased last time, please don’t worry , the ingredients and proportions are the same https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52898741606_5edd1a3570_b.jpg **◆ Notes◆** If there is any damage to the goods when picking up the goods, please immediately take a photo in the box to keep a certificate and we will handle it for you as soon as possible. **◆Recyclable packaging materials◆** The bubble bags and plastic buffer packaging materials used for shipment comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's requirement to add 25% recycled materials, are 100% recyclable materials, and do not contain PVC.


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Jeidi's grounded G series diffuser bottles come in a gift box with three combinations of three world-weary fragrances. You can choose according to your world-weariness or fragrance preferences. Two-color glass jars are available (transparent/amber), and two-color diffuser sticks are available ( Raw wood/black), simple pure white packaging, suitable for personal use for healing and as a gift.


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