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Brand: Mr. Cypress Series: Mr. Cypress Ball Pen Star Personality Series Material: Golden camphor, red cypress tumor, desert iron wood, pink ivory, king wood, red rosewood, blood sandalwood, rosewood tumor, golden sandalwood Size: Full length 126cm



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Stars and personality


Material Introduction/ Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Cultural and Creative-Myanmar’s National Treasure| Golden Camphor| Luxurious fragrance like fine gold It belongs to the Lauraceae family and has a distinct fragrance like the well-known camphor wood. The wood is gorgeous, shining like gold in color, and wearing a looming wood grain. It is one of the three national treasures of Myanmar. Texture / oil, iron, moisture-proof, anti-acid and alkali, the wood grain is colorful and changeable, and it is as beautiful as a blooming flower under the refraction of the light from different angles. Mr. Cypress-the ultimate pattern precious wood species|Taiwan red cypress|Taiwan emperor tree One of the most precious five coniferous trees, the well-known Alishan sacred tree is Taiwan red cypress, the ultimate pattern, coupled with precious wood species, unique. The ultimate pattern, with precious wood species, unique carved wooden pen, is your first choice for wearing. Mr. Cypress-the most beautiful wood in the world | desert iron wood tumor | rich and intricate colors The rarest wood tumor in the world. It takes hundreds of years to become a big material, the colors and patterns are unpredictable, colorful, and rich in variety. The color of the heartwood is dense and varied, from golden yellow to brown, from dark coffee to dark black, and the color is rich and intricate. Now that the source is scarce, the United States has banned mining. There are many holes in the middle of the logs, and the holes are sandwiched in the middle during production, which often eliminates the time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly production efforts. Because the wood is hard and very difficult to process, the wooden pen in front of you is definitely one of the rare treasures. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Wenchuang-European Royal Family Model|African King Wood|The beauty of high-end atmosphere King wood is the wood used by the European royal family and is the representative wood of the status. Due to the harsh growth environment and difficult production, the export of origin is very strictly restricted. The wood of King Wood is compact and delicate, with excellent oiliness and luster. The color presents a romantic and beautiful deep purple-brown, with a rich and beautiful natural texture with shades of stripes, which can show the mysterious and luxurious royal atmosphere. Such a precious and beautiful product of nature has been crowned with the name of the royal family. It is suitable for you with mysterious charm and the first choice for precious collections. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Wenchuang-ancient palace precious tribute wood | red rosewood | beautiful patterns and distinct layers It is one of the three major tribute woods of the ancient palace. It is a red rosewood of brownish color, often with black brown or chestnut brown pinstripes, giving people an antique feeling. Texture/Wood grain is straight filament, hard and delicate, which can be submerged in water. The string section has fine light-colored stripes like muscle fibers. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Cultural and Creative-Colorful Blood Sandalwood| Blood Sandalwood| The color is noble and the material is not easy to be precious Blood sandalwood is mainly produced in Zambia, Africa. Its scientific name is Pterocarpus chrysothrix. It is a kind of red sandalwood and is mainly produced in African Zambia and other countries. This is a slow-growing and high-quality tree species. It is a native tree species unique to central and southern Africa. It takes more than 90 years to mature. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Wenchuang-Wood Nobles| Pink Ivory| There is not one of the most distinctive wood in the world Pink Ivory (Pink Ivory) is the sacred tree of the Zulu ethnic group in northern South Africa. It has been on the verge of extinction under the predatory felling of whites. The trunk of pink ivory wood, ranging from pale pink to watermelon red, has a hard texture, fine texture, a strong pink or orange color, and a straight or irregular pattern. Mr. Cypress fast wood cultural and creative-texture staggered beautiful luster structure strong sense of | Golden sandalwood | famous tree species on the world timber market Golden sandalwood is produced in southern Mexico, so it is also called Mexican golden sandalwood. It is also called Mexican huanghuali on the market. The golden sandalwood is hard and has high gloss. The gold thread swayed with the light, with a cat-eye fluorescent effect. Golden sandalwood is not a sandalwood tree. Golden sandalwood is a tertiary rag wood of the genus Boraginaceae. This kind of wood is hard and has beautiful texture. It is a famous tree species in the world timber market. Golden sandalwood is called golden sandalwood because it can absorb metal elements in the ground when it grows, which means it can absorb gold and silver.


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