Wedding cake gift box tasting (only 1 box)-half price discount on double-layer gift box + one piece of sabre

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Customized Wedding Cake Gift Box Wedding Cake Customized Wedding Cake Gift Box Chinese Wedding Cake Western Wedding Cake


1g x 500
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Wedding cake gift box tasting (only 1 box)-half price discount on double-layer gift box + one piece of sabre


☆Customized wedding cake gift box☆ We have a variety of combinations for custom cakes You/you can choose Chinese and Western/All Chinese/All Western wedding cakes according to your needs **☆Tasting method and cost☆** **1. Selected tasting gift box combination price 50% off + shipping.** **2. The tasting is limited to one box. Starting from the second box, the original price will be calculated and the difference will be added. If the difference cannot be filled, the order will be cancelled.** **3. Please provide "estimated wedding date", "estimated number of boxes ordered", "relevant proof" and contact phone number for the wedding cake tasting. If the information is not available, the order will be cancelled.** **4. The wedding cake gift box tasting cannot be shared with the discounts in the museum (including the first purchase coupon).** **5. The wedding cake gift box is not available for tasting in overseas regions** **☆Double-layer cake tasting combination☆** **A. A pound of earthen pineapple flatbread/handmade shortbread (random flavor) 6 pieces + handmade egg rolls 8 pieces** **B. A pound of earthen pineapple flatbread/handmade shortbread (random flavor) 6 pcs + Shabule (random flavor) 4 pcs + original baking slice 4 pcs** **C. A pound of earthen pineapple flatbread/a pound of sesame roasted flatbread** **D. Sesame roasted cake 4 pcs + handmade egg roll 8 pcs / handmade shortbread (random flavor) 6 pcs + Shabule (random flavor) 4 pcs + original baking slices 4 pcs** ☆Customized cake content☆ Chinese flatbread (1 layer): Sesame roasted (red bean paste, pork pu, mochi, salted egg yolk): 1 pcs or change to a single package (50g)-6 pcs Pineapple pie (matured soil pineapple filling): 1 (Sesame roasted cake: meat, pineapple flatbread: lacto-ovo vegetarian) Handmade egg rolls (1/2 layer): original egg rolls -8 ins / sesame egg rolls -8 ins Handmade shortbread series (1/4 layer): soil pineapple cake-3 ins / longan walnut cake-3 ins / oolong plum cake-3 ins French grilled slice series (1/4 layer): Original French grilled slices-6 pcs (2 pcs/pack) / Red pepper French grilled slices-6 pcs (2 pcs / pack) Sable biscuits (1/4 layer): original flavor/chocolate/coffee/pepper and shallot/sesame snowball/orange snowball Sesame roasting (1/4 layer): single package -2 pieces Sesame roasting (1/2 layer): single package-4 pieces Nougat (1/2 layer): 150g (single box)-original flavor/coffee/chocolate/seaweed/cranberry Shelf life: 10 days for flatbread, 30 days for handmade shortbread/French pastry/nougat, 45 days for handmade shortbread, 90 days for egg rolls ☆Number and price of wedding cakes☆ A pound of flatbread-$300 Single layer-$300 Wedding Double-$590 Wedding Banquet 3rd Floor-$870 (Customized products and combinations will be quoted correctly based on actual products) (Replacement product camellia or single product coffee gift box will add $150 per serving) (Additional price of $60 per serving for replacement nut party) ☆Number of boxes and discounts☆ Over 10,000 yuan, enjoy a 5% discount, 3 free shipping locations. Over 30,000 yuan, enjoy 9% discount, 4 free shipping locations. Enjoy 10% discount for purchases over RMB 50,000 and 5 free shipping locations. An additional 8x8cm wedding photo card (photos must be provided 14 working days before). (The above discounted free shipping location is Taiwan's main island, if outlying islands or overseas regions, additional quotation will be provided) Precautions: 1. Shipping time: 3~5 working days, excluding shipping time (the shipping time of Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival will be notified separately). 2. Please provide relevant certificates for the tasting. 3. There is only one box for pick-up in supermarkets. 4. The wedding cake gift box tasting cannot be shared with the discounts in the museum. 5. Sesame roasted cakes/a catty of flatbreads must be sent at room temperature. If you purchase additional low-temperature products, you will need to pay the normal/low temperature freight. 6. The store has the right to modify and cancel the preferential tasting plan. 7. Product photos are schematic diagrams, please refer to the actual product. Outer box size: single layer 23x23x5cm (with carrying bag) Place of Origin: Handmade in Taiwan Shelf life: 10 days for a catty flatbread, 10 days for sesame cake, 90 days for egg rolls, 45 days for pineapple cakes, 45 days for nut parties, 30 days for nougat, 30 days for French baked slices, 2 years for camellia (according to manufacturing Calculated from the date, the outer box is marked with the shortest date according to regulations)


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