Flower aesthetics, floral books, dried flowers, immortal flowers and fresh flowers, four seasons style exercises

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Flower aesthetics, floral books, dried flowers, immortal flowers and fresh flowers, four seasons style exercises


Author: Nana Chen Publisher: Yuezhi Culture Publication date: 2019/04/26 Language: Traditional Chinese --------- Foreword Chapter 1 Basic Floral Studies Flower Basics / Dry Flowers & Everlasting Flower Basics / Hands-on Dry Flowers / Color Style Use / Floral Tools Chaper 2 season practice spring 01 1985: Single input flower 02 Out of print love: Korean style long bouquet 03 Tailoring Time: Multi-style input wide potted flowers 04 poems: home garden collection x small cup flower 05 Burning Can: Shell Basket Flower Gift 06 Chunqing: Dry eternal brooch 07 Lyrics Song: Vintage Champion Cup Flower 08 缕绯: landing input dry flower 09 Fragrance Room: Porcelain Silk Flower 10 Southern Star: Landing Blessing Flower Stand summer 01 Embroidery Room: Classical Korean Flower Basket 02 Mirror Flower Moon: Slim Style Flowers 03 Midsummer Nanshan: Moon-shaped hand tied bouquet 04 Moon Round: Simple use of classical hydrangea 05 Flower Box: Flower Gift Box 06 Waltz: Ballet Ribbon Tied Flower 07 Lixia: Korean style dry mixed flowers 08 off season: gift packaging small floral decoration 09 Sky City: Cake Shape Flower 10 Lisian flower 圃: photo frame embossing autumn 01 Early autumn: classical color hairpin 02 Lovers: Rainy Orchids 03 Monday: desk cup type put flowers 04 Aria: Outdoor Collection x Landscaping Autumn Scenery 05 Flowers are silent: free type wide mouthware puts flowers 06 Autumn color: dry mixed flowers hand tied bouquet 07 Blue and White: Blue and White Porcelain Putting Dry Flowers 08 Treasure: Classical wooden box flower 09 Blueberry Night: Openwork Lights 10 Cabin: Birdcage Flowers winter 01 Back mountain water: horizontal picture garden table flower 02 Wen Wei: Small hand tied flowers 03 Moonlight: Goblet Symmetrical Flower 04 Tea Time: Styling bottles for flowers 05 Star Hall: Metal Wreath 06 Wishing Pool: Candlelight Table Flower 07 Childhood: Dry flowers and Jianshan 08 Low brightness: neutral transparent hand tied flowers 09 36 Apartment: Narcissus bulb flower 10 Nagasawa: table flower meter Chapter 3 Flowers and People 01 Quiet corner in the car: Malay independent flower shop Le mori 02 Flower Feast Moving in Nature: Korean Flower Artist Mardi Flower 03 Flower Design Lab: Japanese floral design brand edenworks 04 The Passer of Life Language: Azuma Makoto, a Japanese floral company 05 Unique space with the old house courtyard: Korean coffee shop. Publisher bear Cafe / Design eum 06 Music Man of Love: Violinist Kim Sung-en 07 High Latitude Floral Arteries: Seoul Flower Market Culture appendix Neihu Flower Market Practical Pocket List / About Urban Botany / Postscript -------------- Cut the blooming flowers and artificially bind the flowers that belonged to nature. Like human beings, with life, this flower also has youth and defeat. So in a limited timeline, we reinterpret the essence of the flower. Only by feeling life can you truly understand the unique beauty. This book attempts to think about the answers to life and style through 40 mosaics. Graphic basic floral techniques. From the tool introduction, flower material processing, flower leaf name to color matching, each work has detailed step-by-step explanations. Raw flowers, dry flowers and eternal flowers mix and match. In addition to flower selection, it also explains the steps of making dry flowers, interpreting diverse styles with different textures. Seasonal flowers and plants are introduced according to the season. The flowers used can be bought in the flower market in Taiwan, and there are also stories of flowers and flowers. The work combines color, style, packaging and accessories. In addition to practical bouquets, bouquets, table flowers, flower baskets, and other: brooch, hairpin, bird cage flower, garland, door hanging flowers and so on. A look at the aesthetic trend of floral art. Visiting Japanese and Korean flower shops and floral artists to experience the pulse of style. ---------- About the Author Nana Chen He graduated with honors from the Kingston University of London in the United Kingdom with a master's degree. He was selected as an artist student at the Royal College of Art in 2019. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the Urban Botany and a cross-disciplinary student at the National Taipei University of Education. After the first exhibition of "The Mantra" in London in 2010, he returned to the design industry and received the subsidy from the Ministry of Culture in 2014. He founded the design of the urban and gardening brand Urban Botany, trying to create a contemporary aesthetic with a new and interesting flower creation. The unique face. Currently, he continues to create and learn in a variety of identities. In 2017-2018, he published the "Blooming Project" theme series in Seoul, and plans to work on Solo works related to flowers in the future. He is good at composite media application and design. He once designed and visualized Zhao Ziqiang's cultural units such as Children's Theatre, Yunmen Dance, and Eslite Art and Culture Foundation. Inherited from the British floral style, with the academic recognition of the Covent Garden Academy of the Covent Garden Academic Floral Academy, and then entered the McQueen Flower School in London. Since 2016, we have continued to exchange regular field research and experience with many local flower brands, musicians, publishing and cultural spaces in Korea. The beginning of the heart--the flower art is inspired by the new interpretation of the traditional vision, out of the new generation of flowers and flowers. ‧Published works 2017 "Flower Day", 2018 "Park_flor Parker and Flowers"


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Flower gesture, like time. The first floral book that combines flowers and dried flowers. Through the interpretation of Taiwan’s new generation of floral artist Nana Chen, We meet with flowers and feel life


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