[❤️ any two 10%! ! ] Christmas special! Color optional! Three-dimensional silk butterfly diamond (ear clip can be changed!)

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วัสดุอื่นๆ ต่างหู สีน้ำเงิน - [❤️ any two 10%! ! ] Christmas special! Color optional! Three-dimensional silk butterfly diamond (ear clip can be changed!)


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/fe/fc/95/fefc956342323590329691adccd63d63.jpg __❤️❤️❤️ concern [design] museum obtained the following concessions: 1, may be used shop coupon code (commodity coupon code in the following description) 2, gifts (cosmetic bag or other gift the surprise ~) 3, the latest available merchandise and discount merchandise message. __ __⚠️⚠️⚠️ [Select Size] there are ear clip / ear hook / earrings to choose from! !__ __🌹🌹🌹 [discount code! + Designer recommended products! Connection-: https://cn.pinkoi.com/product/fKMyvtBR__ Butterfly folded silk perspective technique, please refer to: https://cn.pinkoi.com/product/ACvwHGNK?category=2 -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Our profile: Thank you for coming original handmade (handmade) hand-painted ornaments for design museum: SummerFly 1, Our products cover the range of colors that include: Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan blue pink purple lavender pink gradient color sky blue white gold silver black dreamy violet malachite green Christmas color gradient color macarons candy colors hit the color spell color spell color ice cream color rainbow champagne 2, Our main products and materials including: (1) silk butterfly series (Material): Star diamond crystal droplets pearl shell beads Beads sub cotton fabric printing and dyeing tassel cherry peach silk silk tulle perspective simulation butterfly wing transparent thin leaf leaf animal insect wing markings monarch butterfly semi-transparent yarn silk yarn (2) Waterproof Origami Series: Fan folding origami paper cranes to Japan (Japanese) and wind Yuzen paper (3) a metal alloy series: silver with gold Note 14k 18k gold copper (brass) glass beads stone pendant drape like Swarovski SWAROVSKI (4) the hair bulb series: wool felt (5) silk flower petals series: silk flower petal chrysanthemum flower sequins (6) Japanese flags tassel hair coil series: fringed flags wool circle geometric patterns 3. We meet customer demand for all kinds of gifts: Whether for Souvenir gift, wedding or bridal wedding gift, birthday gift or holiday gift exchange gifts can buy here. 4, Our products are suitable for any holiday, such as Thanksgiving Day Valentine's Day (Couples) Christmas (xmas) Easter New Year Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese New Year festive atmosphere auspicious) Tanabata Festival Dragon Boat Festival, as well as for a variety of seasons, such as: Spring (spring) summer (summer) fall (autumn, autumn leaves Ye Jinqiu) and winter (winter) 5, Our jewelry styles as diverse as: Dream lovely temperament lady simple minimalist fashion fresh elegant elegant personalized elegant banquet nightclub European and American style, but also includes Japanese wind Floral Japanese style, but also covers the design of big-name stars Harajuku underlines the hereafter green young artists seeking a unique, distinctive, creative style, and also including various types of forest department Sen female (girls) favorite cartoon fairy tale antiquity ethnic style beach resort. 6, including a jewelry shop not only ear hook ear clip-on earrings (no pierced ears) ear clip clip-on earrings ear wire ear ring ear acupuncture, there are all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, bangles, bracelets, hand ring, anklets, brooches, pins, hair clips and other colorful products, to provide you with a variety of options. Origin / manufacturing methods summerfly


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