[Best Condition] Functional Essential Oil (Fresh Citrus) Uplifts the Mind | Improves Concentration Efficiency

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[Best Condition] Functional Essential Oil (Fresh Citrus) Uplifts the Mind | Improves Concentration Efficiency


♛ Fast shipping ♛Invigorating spirit, improving self-confidence and efficiency ♛ Pure natural compound essential oil ♛ 240 yuan off with "Plant Massage Essential Oil 100ml" (original price 990 yuan) **【Best state THE PERFECT STATE】** Today, I want to do my best! Like many, we believe Fake it till you make it success Keeping yourself "at your best" is the beginning of achievement On the way to chase your dreams, afraid of fear? Why not try atomic tweaks Wear an extra layer of vitality - fresh orange fragrance Self-nudging to arouse your confidence and strength You are at your best today! Today, you are also fearless to challenge! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52019520935_3ef3cb3154_z.jpg **= Product Information =** [Name]: Psychology series REMEDY [Best state THE PERFECT STATE] _ extremely functional compound essential oil (fresh citrus tone) 【Ingredients】: sweet orange, orange leaves, eye-catching lavender, tangerine, Roman chamomile [Specification]: 10+1ml (Free 1ml for the opening ceremony, while the incremental version is sold out.) 【Uses】: Invigorate the mind, give people a new sense of joy and joy, full of strength and self-confidence, and help improve concentration and efficiency. **= Product Introduction =** **【design concept】** The nervousness when reporting to work affects performance; the same scenery while driving makes drowsiness swept over, and at this time, the "best state" will become your proud emotional assistant. Essential oils aren't just a relaxing home scent, they can also give you confidence, productivity, and a boost on the outside! **【Applicable situation】** When you need to improve your energy, focus and efficiency. **【Scent: Fresh Citrus】** The fresh citrus aromas of sweet orange, orange leaves and tangerine interweave with the bright opening march, bringing courage and strength; The eye-catching lavender's special pungent flower in the middle is soothing to the heartstrings, and the bottom note of Roman chamomile reveals the sweet smell of ripe apples, soothing the body and mind under pressure. Move your hands and feet, compose an uplifting and bright heart movement. **【Fragrance formula】** |ELYSIUM Paradise|Equipped with professional aromatherapists from the brand, after a long period of cooperation and research and development with professional international perfumers, the [Extreme Function] series of fragrance works are created with natural plant essential oils. Through professional aromatherapy formulas and aromatherapy art, the fragrance and energy of natural flowers and plants replace the previous chemical fragrances, filling the space with natural, fragrant and unique fragrances, giving the body and soul the ultimate feast of natural energy. **【Product persistence】** The fragrance formula of |ELYSIUM Extreme Paradise| has been carefully designed, and the essential oil raw materials are selected from plant manor farms around the world. From plant origin, cultivation method, extraction process to plant smell, all are strictly controlled by professionals, and passed GC /MS inspection report, COA component analysis report, ECOCERT French organic certification; strict selection of high-quality pure essential oils and functional ingredients, combined with German-made imported high-standard glass bottle and dripper to increase storage stability, and standardized aseptic production Process to ensure that the formula can have better aroma texture and healing energy. **※ Notice※** ELYSIUM's pure essential oil products are manufactured in a standard aseptic and standardized process, filled and packaged by machine; using high-standard German bottle maker set, the dripper straw is designed to be inserted directly into the oil body, which may cause a siphon phenomenon to be sucked into the dripper during transportation. It is normal for the water level to be slightly different after the product is opened. Please do not buy it if you mind. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52017962752_179b9ee4f2_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52019251209_9f60e20c5f_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52018998131_6bfbe6245f_z.jpg **= How to use =** **|On-the-go fragrance** After mixing with [Plant Massage Essential Oil], it is a self-made portable fragrance (refer to the product manual or the official website for the mixing method and concentration). Hair .. and other places to help improve protection, comfortable breathing, and boost the mind. **|Space Fragrance** . Fragrance water oxygen machine: add water and an appropriate amount of essential oil to the water oxygen machine (refer to the machine instructions). . Indoor aroma spray: 100ml of 75% alcohol, add 20-50 drops of essential oil, mix, shake, and spray all over the home. . Diffuser Stone, diffuser wood: 3-5 drops each time, make the essential oil release fragrance slowly, it is the easiest space diffuser technique, suitable for small space. **|Massage** If you want to deeply relax through massage, and at the same time use your sense of smell to heal yourself, please use it with ELYSIUM [Plant Massage Essential Oil]. After mixing pure essential oil with massage oil, apply to skin and massage. ※Pure essential oil is a high-concentration volatile substance concentrated from tens of thousands of plants. It is not recommended to apply it directly on the skin. Please dilute it with vegetable oil before use. The dilution concentration can refer to the product manual or the brand official website. ※ **|Smell** . Steam breathing: Drop 3-5 drops of essential oil in warm water, close to the mouth of the bowl, and slowly inhale the aroma of the essential oil. .※If you feel uncomfortable during the process, please stop immediately and let the indoor air circulate. This method is not suitable for asthma patients.※ . Easy Breathing: Inhale 1~2 drops of essential oil directly on a tissue or handkerchief, and slowly inhale the aroma of the essential oil. In addition, at home, you can also drip essential oils on the four corners of pillows and sheets to fill the entire space with fragrance, heal your mood or calm anxiety. **|Bubble bath** Since essential oils are insoluble in water and are high-concentration volatile substances, 4-6 drops of pure essential oils need to be mixed with the medium in water (shower gel, emulsifier, etc.) before bathing. Essential oil baths can regulate mood, relax and soothe body and mind. **|Aromatic Home Cleaning** . Mopping/wiping: Put 4 or 5 drops of essential oil in a bucket of water, let the mop or rag adhere to the essential oil and wipe the house thoroughly. . Laundry: Add 4 or 5 drops of essential oil and mix with unscented laundry detergent, washing powder, and baking soda. . Indoor aroma spray: 100ml of 75% alcohol, add 20-50 drops of pure essential oil, mix and shake well. It can be used for general cleaning of glass, mirrors, door handles, etc. **= Safety precautions for essential oils =** . Pure essential oils must be diluted and the concentration must be appropriate Even though essential oils are all natural, everyone's skin conditions are different, so please use them safely and in moderation. . Pure essential oils are forbidden to be taken orally High concentrations of pure essential oils are prohibited for oral use. If you accidentally ingest essential oils and cause discomfort, please seek follow-up treatment from a professional physician. . Please avoid sensitive areas Even if the essential oil is diluted, do not use it on sensitive areas such as eyes and mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact, please rinse immediately and seek professional medical treatment. . Do an allergy test before use If you are using essential oils for the first time, please dilute the essential oils and apply them to the inside of your wrist for testing. If allergic phenomenon occurs, avoid using it as soon as possible and rinse with running water. . Special ethnic groups are advised to consult doctors and aromatherapists before using them Pregnant women, infants, the elderly, broad bean disease, and other special groups, due to the instability of the body, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor before using essential oils with healing properties. . General Notes - Do not touch the dripper directly on the bottle of essential oil to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting preservation. - Ensure that the essential oil dripper is well preserved at all times, control the number of drips, and avoid using more than a safe concentration of essential oils. - Tighten the cap of the essential oil bottle and store it in a dry and cool place to avoid qualitative change or volatilization. (It is better to store in the essential oil wooden box) ※Safety reminder※ As each person's constitution is different, essential oils are used for aromatherapy. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately, open doors and windows to increase air circulation, or leave the space. If the discomfort persists or worsens, please take the time to seek professional aromatherapy or professional medical assistance. **= About return =** 1. Consumers enjoy a 7-day hesitation period for the arrival of the product, which is not a product trial period. The returned product must be kept in a new, unopened and resaleable state. The 7-day hesitation period for products guaranteed by the Consumer Protection Law refers to the appreciation of the appearance of the product, not the trial and smell of the product. Please do not ask for a return or exchange after opening the package due to personal factors such as dislike, unsuitable, or not meeting expectations. troubles. ※ The return must be in a new state and complete packaging (including: inner and outer packaging, invoice documents, gifts, etc.) 2. Essential oils/skin care products are consumable personal hygiene products. Once opened, they cannot be returned or exchanged according to law.


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The nervousness when reporting to work affects performance; the same scenery while driving makes drowsiness swept over, and at this time, the "best state" will become your proud emotional assistant. Essential oils aren't just a relaxing home scent, they can also give you confidence, productivity, and a boost on the outside!


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