[First choice for New Year decorations and gifts] 2/5 Statement, Lucky Table Flower, Fortune Table Flower, there are a variety of Lucky Stickers, you can choose your own good luck this year

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To welcome the new year, there must be something new at home! Small potted flowers are definitely the first choice for decoration! Put pots at the door to welcome the small table flowers for the God of Wealth, and pots for good luck small table flowers on the desk. The design of dry and immortal flowers that do not take up space makes the family happy all ye



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[First choice for New Year decorations and gifts] 2/5 Statement, Lucky Table Flower, Fortune Table Flower, there are a variety of Lucky Stickers, you can choose your own good luck this year


**|Picture description|** The first picture is**God of Wealth, Good Fortune! Lucky Lucky Double Combo** The photos 2-4 are the**God of Wealth! Fa Cai Table Flower-Orange Style** Photos 5-8 are**Good luck! Lucky table flower-red style** The 9th photo is part of the**New Year Good Luck Sticker** **|Make your New Year gift with heart|** After hesitating for a long time, which flower gift should be prepared for the New Year, in the end, I still think that table flower is the best choice! The focus of the design this time:**exquisite (definite), versatile, long-lasting, good gift, and not take up space!**So specially selected**cement material**, neutral grayscale florals are absolutely**with various styles of decoration**. The use of small flower vessels also allows you to place them**you like**without taking up space**, but**amount of flowers is absolutely not correct**, using a variety of flowers to symbolize**harvest and Chinese New Year**. Finally, it is designed with immortal flowers and dried flowers, so that this pot of your New Year’s good luck can last a whole year, and has prepared**variety of good luck stickers**, you can choose the good luck you want this year! (There is a list of good luck sticker content below, you can tell what you want after ordering!) All works are taken from real products, and the photos are based on color and style. If the flowers are out of stock, other suitable flowers will be replaced. The posture of each flower is different, so the finished**every work is unique**and cannot be copied according to the photo. The acceptor will order it again. **|Order content|** Good luck for the new year table flower in a pot (the cement flower itself will have natural patterns and pores, non-uniform whiteness or gray, these are all normal phenomena, if you mind, please do not place an order!) Ordering the Lucky Lucky Double Combo is the same as a single item packaging, not a gift box packaging~ **|List of Good Luck Stickers|**(Choose one below, please inform after ordering, the photo can refer to the last picture) blessing fiscal Lucky Dafa excellent Changle So full Safe Blessing Good luck Long performance Supplement: If the flower orderer wants to**gift**, we will also give a**transmitting feeling card**(straight type, 10*8 cm), and also provide a service to help write! If there is any need, please let us know by private message! **|Size reference|** God of wealth is here! Fa Choi Table Flower-Orange: The size of the finished product is about 14 cm in length*flower width 14*overall height 14 cm Good luck! Lucky Table Flower-Red: The size of the finished product is about 20 cm in the length of the flower surface*18 in the width of the flower surface*20 cm in height All are handmade, the size cannot be completely accurate **|Applicable occasions|** It is suitable for New Year gifts, all kinds of corner decorations and desks. **|Appreciation period and preservation method|** The best viewing period for dry flowers is about 1-2 years, and the best viewing period for immortal flowers is about 3 years. Different flower materials will affect the viewing period due to factors such as environment, sun, humidity and other factors. Please place it in a dry place, and absolutely avoid humid environments and long-term direct sunlight. **│Pickup/Delivery Information│** **Can be picked up or delivered at home, and shipped in second-hand boxes.**It is a normal phenomenon that some flowers or small chips will be dropped during the delivery process! If the goods are severely damaged due to the delivery process, please take pictures and provide them to us within 24 hours of receiving the goods, and we will deal with it as soon as possible. **|Notes|** -Each transaction includes only one delivery fee. Please confirm that the receiving information is complete and whether you can sign for the goods within the selected time, so as not to cause the secondary shipping (including the modification of the address) to bear the secondary shipping fee. -Zhigan Tianshi makes every product very carefully. If you have any questions after receiving the product, please take a photo and contact us so that we can assist you as soon as possible. IG search: planting sweet things IG account: matcha_blossom.sweets Service content: bridal bouquet / corsage / packaged bouquet / commercial flower gift / dry bouquet / eternal flower gift Trust us if you like the plant-sensing sweet thing style! I am very happy to have the opportunity to serve you!


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