Natural wild Burmese agarwood powder

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[Origin]: Myanmar [Weight]: 6g Burmese agarwood has a fresh fragrance and a long-lasting taste. The smell is sweet and slightly medicinal, sweet but not greasy!



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Natural wild Burmese agarwood powder

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Relics of the Kingdom of Bagan****Burmese Agarwood** The Xishuangbanna mountain area between China’s Yunnan Province and Myanmar has always produced good agarwood, but there are few records in Chinese history. Myanmar has not been listed as an important agarwood production area in history, and there is no record of large quantities of agarwood. But in fact, the quality of Burmese agarwood is quite good. According to the data of the Myanmar Forest Environmental Protection and Forestry Department in 2011, the Aquilaria malaccensis species distributed in Myanmar is Aquilaria malaccensis, which is distributed in Kachin, Sagaing, Mandalay, Magwe, Shan, Kayin and Tanintharyi. The data compiled by Barden and others from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora show that Myanmar became a party to the CITES in November 1997, and the relevant data in the CITES annual report shows that Myanmar does not Any trade transaction involves agarwood, but Barden et al. quoted Gupta's 1999 survey data and showed that according to Indian traders, because India already lacks agarwood sources, and neighboring Myanmar has high-quality agarwood, agarwood passed the ban in spite of the ban. Large-scale smuggling into Manipur State, especially through Churachandpur district, so there are many so-called Indian agarwoods on the market today, in fact, some of them come from Myanmar. It is learned from the Myanmar Agarwood Entrepreneurs Association that the Myanmar Forestry Administration has obtained the CITES certificate, and the traditional medicinal agarwood will be exported to Dubai, the UAE and Taiwan. The Myanmar Agarwood Entrepreneurs Association will comply with relevant regulations of the Forestry Bureau of the Ministry of Resources and Environmental Protection of Myanmar to develop agarwood exports. The chairman of the association said: Myanmar agarwood has not been legally exported in 50 years. Now that the legal export authority is obtained, not only can the country's tax revenue be increased, but entrepreneurs can also obtain economic benefits. When Burmese agarwood is directly ignited with incense powder, the taste is similar to that of Hui'an agarwood. It gives people the first feeling that it is more biased towards the "bitter" taste of the five flavors of the six countries of Japan, and it feels more like a slight "medicinal fragrance", but not Without the "elegance" of Vietnamese agarwood, people think that the smell of Burmese agarwood will be stronger than that of Hui'an agarwood, not so soft and more masculine. If you appraise Burmese agarwood in the way of incense, you can fully show some coolness and medicinal fragrance at the beginning of the incense, which is very distinctive, giving people a sense of tranquility and spiritual clarity. When entering the middle incense, it will slowly diffuse from the medicinal incense into a honey-like aroma. After entering the tail incense, the fragrance turns into a sweet and pleasant floral fragrance. Overall, Burmese agarwood is a kind of very worthy collection and collection. The taste is good.


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