French goat leather half wallet carre light blue

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[Half wallet with a sharp design base and the required amount fits smartly] Folding gusset type half wallet that opens wide. There are 6 pockets on the side for inserting cards. Can store multiple cards such as credit cards, IC cards, insurance cards



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French goat leather half wallet carre light blue


[Leather used in this wallet] French long-established tanner "Arlan" It is a prestigious tanner recognized by a global maison. High-quality goat leather (goat leather) can be said to be an Arlan sign. Among them, choose a beautiful material of aging that has been boiled with plant tannins, Made in a clean wallet. The biggest feature of this leather is polished by daily use, It gradually changes to a surface that emits beautiful light. Green leather is like a cocoon, Purple leather is like an amethyst, Blue leather is like turquoise, It will be as beautiful as a jewel. Because it ’s something you use every day, I want to choose something that changes beautifully and that I can love for a long time. I made it with that feeling. □ Material: Front leather / High-end goat leather (manufactured by Arlan, France) □ Size: T110 x W110 x D25 mm (Please allow some errors) □ Leather quality: Leather with a natural texture and transparency with a soft texture that is familiar to the hand, a unique texture, and dyed dye. □ Color: Blue turquoise [Half wallet with a sharp design base and the required amount fits smartly] Folding gusset type half wallet that opens wide. There are 6 pockets on the side for inserting cards. Although it is small, it can store multiple cards such as credit cards, IC cards, and insurance cards. There are a lot of thresholds, and bills can be separated as shown in the image. . The center gusseted pocket can be used as a coin purse. Since the position of the base is adjusted so that the coins do not fall, there is no worry that the coins will fall even if the base is closed. It has a surprisingly large storage capacity, but it is a magical wallet that is neatly organized. [Those who want to learn genuine leather products] Did you know that even if you say “genuine leather”, there are things that can change over time and those that don't? There are two main types of leather. "Chrome tanned leather" and "Plant tannin tanned leather". "Plant tannin tanned leather" Leather tanned with plant astringents is called "Nume leather". Nume leather tanning is an ancient manufacturing method. The surface is textured and the surface is easily affected by natural wounds and blood stains, and the softness varies depending on the area. It takes a long time to finish using natural materials, so it is expensive and difficult to say that it is a stable material. Is a leather that you can enjoy. In other words, “Nume leather” is not perfect when you get it, and it can be said that it is a material that increases its attachment over time. Isn't that what you are looking for in the material leather, that is, “a material that will stay together for a long time”? “Because I have a lot of leather products, I want you to choose leather that can change over time.” KALEIDOSCOPE chose “Nume leather” as a material. [If you want an intact leather product, please refrain from purchasing] Because it is natural leather, there are natural scars and unevenness. Although we avoid large scratches, please understand some small scratches. The appearance of wrinkles and unevenness of scratches are different one by one. If you think of it as a “scratch”, you will be worried, but this is also the proof that this leather was alive, “the only pattern”. [The base is a foreign one] Slightly, there may be a thread, a small wound. If you are interested, please refrain from purchasing. [KALEIDOSCOPE, commitment in production] Be as manual as possible. KALEIDOSCOPE's work is sticking to "made by hand-cut leather knives as much as possible". The pattern is also drawn on cardboard and hand cut. I would be glad if you could feel the feeling of handwork one by one.


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