[Red Osmanthus] Eau De Toilette | Osmanthus Black Tea_ Floral Tea Rhyme*10ML

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Thanks to La Vie 2018/ October issue special report Base note: Floral tea rhyme (Osmanthus black tea) Fragrance: fresh fruity fragrance / fresh osmanthus flower / ripe fruit aroma black tea


P.Seven | Taiwanese Tea Perfume

1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
[Red Osmanthus] Eau De Toilette | Osmanthus Black Tea_ Floral Tea Rhyme*10ML


© Time passes and waits for a clear awareness In the afternoon breeze the fruity fragrance And the milky fragrance that dances So you Will lose the dream Can't help it And pick it up again Taiwan Scent Touring Exhibition | Hakka Series Continuing the spirit of P.Seven "Bottled Taiwan" and using Taiwanese soil as the base of perfume, this series takes "Old Time" as the main story. The concept comes from the old days of Hakka alleys. It is based on the idea of "the years are quiet and good". It is a keynote with clear aroma characteristics and emotion. "Red Osmanthus" Make a pot of tea in the afternoon Swim in the long river of time The milky fragrance of the alleys Spilled Sip a sip of Sun Moon Lake black tea In the nose and tongue Nostalgic and fresh ★ Ruby ruby symbolizes the scent of the sun sipping Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake black tea★ Base note: Floral tea rhyme (Osmanthus black tea) Fragrance: Fruity / Osmanthus / Black Tea Before taste: orange fruit Middle flavor: Osmanthus Aftertaste: Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Ingredients: vegetable alcohol, pure water, spices **Aroma notes** Inspired by feeling the afternoon time, daze and daydream, just like a goldfish swimming among the sweet-scented osmanthus bushes, pressing the pause button for the rapid pace of modern life, leaving only a sense of leisure and white space. Honggui is a well-scented sweet-scented osmanthus black tea scent. Behind the figurative aroma is the emotional texture of P.Seven's ink: the alleys of Taiwanese towns in the afternoon. The highly restored tea scent and the fresh and pleasant osmanthus scent, always easy to pick up the osmanthus scent of my hometown in my memory. The beautiful and familiar scent can definitely open up one's heart, and always overdo it with life. Hard obsession. Occasionally let your brain open up and temporarily abandon the real world! Special Note: People who have a high body temperature when used on the body will have more pronounced aromas of ripe fruit and bitterness in black tea. When sprayed on clear fabrics such as silk scarves, handkerchiefs or outerwear, a clear osmanthus fragrance will appear when the wind swings. Recommended for: you who like the aroma of purely ripe black tea and sweet-scented osmanthus. In addition, it is recommended for big boys who like to go out of the strange route (contrast cute charm), bring out your meticulous warm soul, suitable for dating. Thanks to La Vie Magazine for the special report in the 2018/ October issue "Smell, create soul" © Founder of P.Seven . . . Specification: 10 ml Place of Origin: Taiwan Retention period: 2025/1 Storage environment: ventilate, avoid sunlight/heat sources. How to use: Dip a proper amount of perfume, lightly apply to the inside of the wrist/neck/back of the ear, etc. *Precautions*Please stay away from fire/Do not drink/Ensure that young children cannot handle it/If there is abnormality, please stop using and seek medical attention / Logistics time description (Calculation starts on the day of shipment) * Family / 7-11 pick-up (Taiwan main island 48hr store to shop / outer island postponed for one day) * For the post office (1~2 days in Taiwan), please refer to the official website of each logistics for the actual arrival date * The payment for pick-up is limited to seven days. Please pick it up at the store within seven days after placing the order. * Some products do not provide pickup and payment services. * Overseas shipments will be shipped by Chunghwa Post by air (about 7-14 days, the arrival time varies from country to country) * If overseas shipping needs to be fast (2~4 days), please private message for related costs


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