Organic Organic Sanitary Napkin Series Two-Way Night Series

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But gradually this time I found more and more girls using and buying cloth sanitary napkins, It is becoming more and more acceptable for how to use and clean and whether to use a waterproof layer, Then decided to start making organic cloth sanitary napkins.



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Organic Organic Sanitary Napkin Series Two-Way Night Series


I began to try to use cloth sanitary napkins back to 2009 during the travel process, and began to try to use, It wasn't until 2013 that sewing of sanitary napkins began. I like to try to explore various fabrics, At that time, I lived in Chiang Mai for a while and came into contact with the Japanese who lived in the area, using the local cultivation of pesticide-free organic cotton. Weave fabrics with local traditional Thai-Burmese weaving methods, Produce pesticide-free organic cloth sanitary napkins and a series of clothing towel handkerchiefs that are friendly to the land and comfortable to your body. Of course, In addition to buying this intentional product, I asked the producers some ideas and ideas, And share the selection and use of materials. of course, Organic cotton cloth is an item that I have to make cloth sanitary napkins in the end, Attributable to the impact of the combination of the Japanese producer in Chiang Mai and the local industry at that time had been sprouting in my heart, But why hasn’t it been on the shelves for several years? I've used some organic cotton cloth on the market, Not so suitable for yourself. Undyed double-layer cotton yarns currently used in the production of cloth sanitary napkins, It is also a long discussion with the manufacturer and after the test, everyone feels particularly good cleaning and ventilation. Want to keep the comfortable and good washing advantages of double-layer cotton yarn, Then improve the thickness a little bit to increase absorption, Can manufacturers use materials like organic cotton to make them? I have always hoped that both sides of cloth sanitary napkins can be used instead of one side, The double layer fabric is made of one side with fine knitting and one side with thick knitting, Let the girls have the freedom to choose the flow and use the thick knitted side to absorb quickly in the past few days. Use the fine knitting side for hours, Rely on your own observation of your body to live in harmony with cloth sanitary napkins. The great thing is, It can be used on both sides! ! ! My intention is to buy cloth sanitary napkins that are environmentally friendly, Be kind to your purse, I don't want a piece of cloth sanitary napkin to be discarded after only a few years. Undyed thread for sewing, Select 100% cotton undyed cotton thread for sewing, Two pieces of organic cotton pads made of American cotton are sewn in the middle of the organic cotton. Benefits of using cloth sanitary napkins: It is comfortable to contact with the skin Reduce internal diseases without sultry and breathable Environmental protection reduces waste generation Save money A piece of cloth sanitary napkin can be used until it can no longer be used The purchase will be accompanied by an electronic file cleaning method at a glance. / Size, specification, size/ Because the handmade size is estimated to be about 36 cm No waterproof layer / Material/ As**seaside Division kitchen**Design Taiwan double-layered organic cotton fabric woven production Can be used freely on both sides Two pieces of organic cotton pad made in USA *The buttons are made of pure copper and non-rusting metal buttons, and the environmental protection spray paint has passed the certification of sgs heavy metal content detection *** 【Use and maintenance methods】 Butterfly wings are reversed at the bottom of the panties Can be used freely on both sides Cleaning is easier than expected: Used sanitary napkins first use cold water under the tap to wash away most of the blood stains Use environmentally friendly house soap or crystal soap to apply on blood stains Soaked in thick soapy water Remember to be thick Soak for 3~4 hours or gently rub in water after overnight to clean easily If the menstrual blood is thick this time, it is difficult to clean It is recommended to apply soap and soak 【Introduction of designers and brands】 For more than 30 years living in Taipei, Sensitivity to fashion has been in contact since elementary school, The dream at that time was to be a fashion designer, As a result, I went to study statistical mathematics against my ideals. In 2013, he quit his stable job and followed his husband to return to his hometown of Yilan, Regained my passion for clothing and sewing, In a semi-self-study situation, I stumbled and groped myself, Sewing skills are far inferior to those of college graduates, However, my enthusiasm for fashion sensitivity and the selection of fabrics and fabrics are all my enthusiasm. I hope that with a simple design, Bring the most natural and comfortable clothing to everyone.


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