Customized gift handmade genuine leather notepad notebook hand account notepad

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Customized gift handmade genuine leather notepad notebook hand account notepad


**"Customized Notepad for You"** **The best gift to send hearts and wishes:** American cowhide series Macarooon's Leather Notepad lets you add colour to your text! Provide a unique and customized name stamping service to stamp your name or symbol on the notebook. Available in five colors and two sizes. **All 5 shades** --------------- The Macarooon brand is officially on sale in Japan♪♬ For this purpose, a new symbol engraving is specially added. The cuteness is greatly improved ↑ ♪ --------------- ◤◤Product Details◢◢ ◢ Leather design is simple and elegant ◢ Lightweight and thin, making it easier and more convenient to carry ◢ Simple and practical, plus top-quality leather, make writing and note-taking more fun. ◢ Comes with 200 sheets of 100gsm (100g thick) eye protection beige paper with horizontal lines, allowing you to enjoy writing ◢ Delicate ribbons in matching colors help you mark pages and easily go back to your most recent note. ◢ The three-dimensional texture of the lychee grain cow leather imported from the United States makes the notebook more scratch-resistant and more resistant to dirt. ◢ Fully hand-embossed and hot-stamped service, which can be customized on the notepad, tailor-made for you, or used as a gift to convey your thoughts. ◢ Comes with dust bag packaging and free gift box packaging service, which is decent for your own use or as a gift♪ ◢ Five classic and versatile colors ◢ There are two different sizes **size guide** **Size S :** Approx. 18 cm x 10 cm x 1.8 cm Weight: 252g **Size L** Approx. 21.3 cm x 14.9 cm x 1.8 cm Weight: 452g Customizable hot stamping name: Macarooon uses the original Kingsley movable type antique stamping machine made in California in the 1970s, and has a variety of fonts to choose from. You can emboss your custom name or words on your leather goods to create a unique product that can be used as a gift for yourself or someone else. The best gift for someone important. If you choose to add a customized hot stamping name, please select the model you want in the product specifications when placing the order, and select the custom hot stamping word, and choose the color you want to buy, such as "Size M - custom hot stamping word" and "color 5". **In order to achieve the best effect, the hot stamping of English letters should only be in uppercase/capital case. For example, if the note is Hello, it will be hot stamped as HELLO.** At the same time, please click "Go to Checkout" in the shopping cart when placing an order, and tell the designer in the "Message or Note to Designer" field on the next page: 1. Favorite font (please fill in the font number according to the table below) 2. Names or words that you want to be stamped with hot stamping (for the time being, only English fonts are provided, no Chinese hot stamping services) Example of guest notes: Font 1, LK Please refer to the following pictures to select fonts (please note that the font sizes are different, the chart is attached with each font height, please use a measuring tool to help, do not compare the size yourself): Please note that hot stamping can only be printed on the following sample positions Note 1: Please note that each font size is different, please use a measuring tool to assist, do not match the size yourself Note 2: The font is only in capital letters, the above picture shall prevail Note 3: The word limit includes spaces, such as "I LOVE YOU", because there are two spaces, plus 8 English letters, so the total number of words is 10. Note 4: Customization takes about 1-2 working days All 5 shades No. 1 "Ice" light gray blue: No. 2 "Sakura" Cherry Blossom Pink: No. 3 "Cream" Cream Beige: No. 4 "Latte" Gentle Camel: No. 5 "Midnight Blue" midnight dark blue: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All product photos are 100% in-kind shooting, and we have tried our best to avoid chromatic aberration. There may be possible reasons for the color difference: ▪ Differences in light, color temperature and angle ▪ The color display may be different on the screen of different electronic products ▪ Individual differences in understanding of color Please understand, and the actual product shall prevail. A slight difference in color does not affect the quality of the product, please rest assured. Please note that each piece of leather has a unique natural grain, and occasionally a special grain is formed, these are the characteristics of real leather, not scratches, tears or leather defects. Because it is not a quality problem, we will not be able to provide returns or remakes for this reason. I hope you can understand and understand. In addition, we have tried our best to avoid color difference, but the color display on different electronic product screens may be slightly different, please understand. If you require 100% perfection, please consider the purchase, thank you ^^ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We focus on developing Apple peripheral products and high-quality leather goods, which can be customized to be the best gift for yourself or others. Please visit our design hall to learn more. You can go to our design hall to buy the same color (there are up to 25 colors) Airpods protective cover, Apple Watch Apple Watch special leather strap, etc. A set to use together♪ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leather Care 1: Try to avoid contact with water or alkaline substances, and do not use alkaline soap to wash. 2: Try not to rub against hard and sharp substances to prevent the leather surface from being scratched and damaged. 3: Try to avoid friction with hard objects 4. When using leather phone cases, especially light-colored leather phone cases, please try to avoid friction with dark clothes to avoid staining. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . **Precautions:** – Each piece of leather has a unique natural grain, which is different due to the body parts and individual differences of goat leather. Occasionally, special grains are formed. These are the characteristics of real leather, which are natural phenomena and non-defective products. – All our products are guaranteed to be 100% genuine leather, each batch of leather may be slightly different, some may be more matte, and customers who are not familiar with leather may doubt the authenticity of the leather, but after a long time you will see The leather becomes smooth and translucent after being oxidized and rubbed over time. – We operate a small hand-made shop with heart. Customers can contact us at any time for help. We also hope to understand that there is no return or exchange for customized products. Please do not use negative comments in exchange for customized returns, or because you are unfamiliar with leather and doubt that the leather is genuine Pseudo made a negative review, the negative price has a great impact on the store, thank you for your understanding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shipping Arrangement: Hong Kong buyers: It will be sent by SF Express, usually within 1-2 working days after it is sent; Hong Kong SF Station List **Taiwanese buyers:** **All items will be sent by SF Express. Generally, it will be delivered within 1-2 working days after delivery. In some areas, the delivery time will need to add 0.5-1 working day. You can check the details on the SF Express website.** **At present, due to the epidemic situation, flights are sometimes affected and Taiwan Customs has stepped up random inspections. The delivery time has been extended. Please forgive me. Thank you.** **Please note for Taiwan customers: According to the announcement of the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, from January 16, 2020, all personal shipments imported into Taiwan will be subject to real-name authentication. Otherwise, they will not be able to clear customs in Taiwan. Please provide:** **1. Real Chinese name (the name of the declared consignee must match the ID number)** **2. Taiwan valid phone number** **3. Personal real ID number** Macau buyers: It will be shipped by SF Express, usually within 1-2 working days after it is shipped Other overseas buyers: It will always be sent by registered Hongkong Post


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Macarooon's Leather Notepad lets you add colour to your text! Provide a unique and customized name stamping service to stamp your name or symbol on the notebook. Available in five colors and two sizes.


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