[Christmas Gift Selection] Paper Tree Blossoms-Huge Christmas Tree-Silver Snow White

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Mr.Sci Science Factory
Mr.Sci Science Factory
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[Christmas Gift Selection] Paper Tree Blossoms-Huge Christmas Tree-Silver Snow White


The potted plants on the table are not scientific enough, Mr. Sai will show you how to make paper trees bloom! I don't know if you have played similar products before? This type of science toy is a fan of the school where the store manager attended, and there are several trees on everyone's desks. https://5993.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/5993/ckeditor/pictures/content_f7e51691-6c06-4a8f-8ccf-9111992fd66e.jpg Today, Mr. Sai is not just fond of memories, but also a more beautiful, dense and larger Christmas tree. Is his green leaves cute and healed? This is a huge Christmas tree, plus the stars are 28 cm tall! Pour into the magic potion, it will sprout gradually after 10 minutes, and it will become an amazing beautiful tree within 12 hours. The manager suggested that adults who want to give to children can first wrap lighter ribbons on the branches, and then put a small gift box under the tree Let the children pour into the magic potion and go to bed after bedtime. Then you can feel the strong Christmas feelings the next day! https://5993.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/5993/ckeditor/pictures/content_87aa6d34-bca6-492c-a6af-3666a69978b8.jpg • Why do paper trees bloom The paper tree is immersed in an aqueous solution, and the solution reaches all parts of the paper tree by capillary phenomenon. When the solution evaporates at the end, the crystals of the solution crystallize at the end, forming a phenomenon like leaves. stop. With careful preservation and no external force, the leaves of the paper tree can be maintained for about 3 months, but note that the crystal is very fragile. When he begins to crystallize, it is not recommended to move him at will, otherwise an avalanche may occur. ● How to grow beautiful trees 1. Carefully bend the branches of the paper tree to the left and right. The larger the branches, the more the leaves will look better. 2. Place the tree on the base 3. Select a safe place without wind to pour the solution into Dance of blessing 5. The concentration of the aqueous solution, the temperature and humidity of the environment, whether it is ventilated, and the shape of the paper tree, the branching of the paper tree, etc. will all affect the speed of paper tree flowering. The higher the humidity, the slower the opening, the too dry may also lead to incomplete crystallization. 6. After finishing, you can sprinkle bright powder to make the tree more beautiful! https://5993.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/5993/ckeditor/pictures/content_17a06700-5951-45e9-b0e5-c523f7a125fd.jpg There are two colors to choose from. Do you like snowy trees or green Christmas trees? !! Specifications: ► Product size: including stars about 28cm high and 10.5cm wide ► Package size: 22cm / 37cm / 2.5cm ► Material: paper, water, food additives, plastics, colorants (lead-free and non-toxic) ► Contents: paper tree, base, star decoration, magic potion, sequins, red bead chain ► Origin: Taiwan ► Shelf life: 5 years ► Age: 3 years and older Precautions: ► Avoid strong shaking, wind blowing and direct touch to prevent crystals from falling ► Keep away from fire


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Made in Taiwan and exported to many countries in the world. The environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless material allows you to share it with more friends and children who have the spirit of Christmas. ※ Delivery can be made the next day after pay


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