Kyoto stunning [moonlight] - red moon brass bracelet

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Gekko Bangle Red Moon Kyoto's stunning moonlight blushing moon


Captain Ryan

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Kyoto stunning [moonlight] - red moon brass bracelet


Gekko Bangle Red Moon Kyoto's stunning moonlight Red Moon: Handmade brass bracelet, Japanese professional wire Kyoto stunning series Only by walking in one place can you collect the pure colors and know the stories in the colors. This is the color we collected from Kyoto. Put it into the equipment and make it for the adventurers who like the land. ·· "The moonlight tonight is beautiful." · Such a gentle admiration traces back to a hundred years ago in Japan with a romantic and touching story. · When the Japanese writer Natsume Soseki was appointed as the English teacher of the school, the students were asked to imagine a pair of men and women who walked under the moon. I LOVE YOU, who couldn’t help but confess to the girl’s confession, translated into Japanese, but many students literally translated into love--I love you. Natsume Soseki said that the Japanese would not be so confessed, and the translation was a subtle "Moon of the Moon." Among them, not only praise the moonlight, but also have the intent of "watching the moon with you is the most beautiful." · In the Runaway II-Kyoto stunning series, the Moonlight Bracelet records the meticulous subtleties collected during the Kyoto journey. The brass wire of the young line is hand-polished by coarse sand, which seems to radiate the moonlight. The bracelet is equipped with Japanese professional line details and the unique knot design of the studio. Both boys and girls are suitable for good looks. · Whenever the adventurer looks up at the night sky and sees the moonlight, the first person who comes to mind is probably the one who is very important to himself in life. Let's just convey this idea through the moonlight. ·· Japanese professional wire red crimson 2mm pure brass young bracelet bracelet hand-made coarse sand polishing Fixed size length, suitable for most wrist sizes (14cm-16cm) Custom precautions ‧All equipment works are produced and sent by Hong Kong ‧The time required for production, please wait patiently ‧Hong Kong is generally required to be sent to Hong Kong for 2 days ‧Hong Kong is sent to Taiwan, Japan and other Asian regions for 7-10 days. ‧Please call the designer when you need to send it to other countries in Hong Kong. ‧All works will be sent by Hongkong Post during the international free shipping event ‧Customized works full of HKD 300/NT$1,000 will be sent by registered mail and will be notified by international registered number ‧If you need SF to pay, please contact the designer first. About Captain Ryan With courage and determination in 2010, CAPTAIN RYAN puts the adventure energy collected in daily life and journey into the equipment, and is determined to become a Hong Kong creative brand that can stand the test of the times. Choose Captain Ryan Design ‧ Hong Kong production, quality assurance ‧ The designer personally completed ‧ Unique design style, only this one ‧ Each piece is full of emotions, stories and experiences ‧ Designed with care and carefully ‧ Ship on time and fast ‧ Adventurers praise


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