【Classic】【Cashmere Cashmere Scarf/Shawl】British Blue Plaid Ring Velvet Applicable for Four Seasons

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Pure handmade thin cashmere cashmere diamond shawl scarf-- Weaving and dyeing of traditional craftsmanship Excellent touch, soft and warm Good for personal use as gifts, plus exquisite gift boxes can be purchased


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【Classic】【Cashmere Cashmere Scarf/Shawl】British Blue Plaid Ring Velvet Applicable for Four Seasons


Cashmere diamond shawl scarf (Cashmere) This product insists on using goat neck and high-quality cashmere on the abdomen to provide excellent warmth in winter. With classic lattice pattern, it highlights the advanced texture of the scarf! It is suitable as a gift for personal use, and an exquisite gift box can be purchased (the scarf in the gift box is for reference only) Size: 70 cm X 200 cm Material: Cashmere (Cashmere) Place of Origin: Nepal Number of branches: 200 Weight: about 70 grams Production: handmade Cashmere means "cashmere". Most goats live on the 15,000-foot Himalayan mountains in Haiba. In order to resist the cold, a layer of soft "fleece" will grow in late autumn to increase warmth. This kind of fluff is the finest among animal fibers. One type, not only has excellent warmth retention, but also known as "diamond fiber" because of its soft material, rich luster and elasticity. The biggest difference between Cashmere and ordinary wool is: 1. Cashmere does not feel heavy to the touch, nor does it feel like thorns 2. Cashmere has the characteristics of irregular curling and slenderness. When it is made into a scarf, it will form an air layer, which can not only prevent the invasion of external cold air, but also block the emission of body temperature. It has excellent warmth retention. 3. Coupled with good wool elasticity, it is not easy to wrinkle, and it can quickly restore the original beautiful shape after folding Suitable for: spring, autumn and winter, air-conditioned rooms, overseas travel (also in snow country) The quantity is limited, please contact to confirm the quantity and color before placing an order Precautions: 1. The material is gentle, dry cleaning and low-temperature insulation are recommended. Do not bleach or high-temperature ironing 2. Avoid wearing other metal ornaments and accessories at the same time to avoid yarn hooking 3. The fiber of cashmere is very fine. It is quite normal that 100% cashmere may occasionally hook yarn. If the yarn is hooked, please do not cut the cashmere, just straighten it gently along the knitting direction of the cashmere with your hands 4. If the ball is fluffed, gently remove it with your hands, do not use a brush 5. The photo may have chromatic aberration, the hand-woven texture is fine but not perfect, and the edge of the scarf is fluffy. 6. Made in Nepal, without fixing agent, if the color is faded or faded, it is normal


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