High quality rose amethyst handmade Silver pendant

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เครื่องเพชรพลอย อื่นๆ สีม่วง - High quality rose amethyst handmade Silver pendant


High quality rose amethyst handmade Silver pendant Size/ Overall about 23 x 11.5 x 6.5 mm Material / natural amethyst, sterling silver In this early mine, we used to call the translucent pink purple crystal with such good quality as rose amethyst. It has a light color, but it also has a clearly visible purple, the fire is bright and brilliant, and there are rare black inclusions in the crystal. In addition, there is no time to see; the Silver table is very well made, and the Silver material is thick and high in purity. The falling platform style is simple and practical, and it is a style that you will want to wear every day. About 【Amethyst】 Amethyst symbolizes wisdom. It corresponds to the head chakra. It can make people clear-headed and responsive. Therefore, elders often choose amethyst for students who are still studying or preparing for exams. It also gives clear and stable thinking energy. When a problem occurs, it can help you resolve conflicts and promote harmony in a more intelligent way. This energy corresponds to feelings, interpersonal relationships and other aspects. Wearing amethyst can help us practice the subject of [introspection], it guides us to learn to use [intrinsic wisdom], through thinking and learning to improve ourselves, and gradually become a better and closer to the ideal self. 【Quality Persistence】 1. The principle of selecting crystal products in the Crystal Amusement Park is non-staining and non-burning. If there is a need to use non-natural or artificially dyed materials, we will clearly indicate it in the product description. 2. We have adjusted the color of the picture to the color that looks closest to the actual product on our screen, but the color rendering of each computer screen is still different. There may be a slight color difference between the actual product and the picture. Please accept it Subscript again. [About the designer] I am Xiao Lang, and I live in the south of the country. I loved Gemstone since I was young, and explored colored Gemstone for nearly 20 years. Obtained a Class B license for gold and silver jewelry processing in 2010, In 2013, he passed the qualification of GEM-A FGA colored Gemstone appraiser from the Gemstone Institute of the United Kingdom. I prefer a variety of colored Gemstone, jadeites, and classic-style jewelry. The criteria for selecting Gemstone are not only the type and color, but also the experience that I have accumulated in the long-term observation/judgment of the authenticity of the Gemstone in the market. We do not sell dyed products and optimized Gemstone that are not approved in the market. In fact, no matter what Gemstone has extremely high-end and extremely low-priced appearance, each grade has its corresponding market block, and it is impossible to carry all of them in one amount. Through this, we have saved part of the marketing costs and lowered the price, but it is not that the quality of the Gemstone is not good enough, so some products in the store will indicate the reference price of the physical channel for your reference.


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Early mine. In the past, we called this kind of high-quality translucent pink purple crystal rose amethyst. It has a light color, but it also has a clearly visible purple. The fire is bright and brilliant. There are rare black inclusions in the crystal. Other than that, it is invisible. ; The Silver table is well made, and the Silver material is thick and pure.


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