Seasonal green onion _ spice potted gifts

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青明好朋友 - My Green onions add umami to any dish When I was a child, I often heard that eating more onion would become sma



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Seasonal green onion _ spice potted gifts

รายละเอียดสินค้า 青明好朋友 - My Green onions add umami to any dish When I was a child, I often heard that eating more onion would become smarter. So, the owner of the vegetable dish just listened to the words of his mother. No wonder that when you grow up, you are smart. In addition to the green onion can be sent to the onion friends Also very suitable for being as smart as yourself Or feel that you need a smarter friend - Whether green, green or green onion Eating noodles, grilled meat, omelettes, soups, etc. Many dishes are served with green onion as a spice Shallots can be said to be one of the best foods for food! ! ! Like we usually just want to use a little green onion to make dishes It is very suitable to have your own fresh onion can be harvested at any time. Every time you eat hot pot, you must also put a full amount of green onions in the sauce. The most attractive place for scallions is that it can be harvested many times repeatedly. It's so hard for people to blame me for being so obsessed The variety cultivated by small vegetables is "season shallot" This variety can be grown all year round Heat and cold resistance is a good entry Pay special attention not to prolong the accumulation of water and it will be easy to rot Remember to drain the water from the water tray after watering If you want to harvest a large amount of time Also remember to supplement fertilizers after harvesting Just like we can always grow onions and become smart. ░ Uses ░ Cooking seasonings, shallot sauce, etc. ░ Effect ░ Light green has antioxidant effects, promotes blood circulation, improves symptoms of colds, reduces gall bladder sequestration, increases appetite, detoxification, swelling, etc. 内容 Content ░ Seasonal green onion ribbon pot, holly green card, green finger guide, side dish design packaging ░ Size ░ 9 cm x 9 cm Potted plants about 9-15cm (60-75 size seedlings) [about us] Hopefully, we can give everyone a new definition of the impression of planting. You can _define it as relief for healing. You can also treat it as fresh food, With just a little hard work, you can often eat your own organic fresh side dishes. From the beginning of life to raise a pot of dishes, experience the beauty of nature creation, Perhaps the nourishing side dishes may not be perfect. But it's also real, full of hands and natural temperatures, Treating people with different feelings, feelings of entering and eating into their mouths, It will be a different view and taste.


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