[Co-branded with Taipei Xiahai City God’s Temple] Lightweight bag of prayers, signed poems, etc. for your sweetheart - Honey Black Tea

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dengxdeng - Taiwan Oracle Tea
dengxdeng - Taiwan Oracle Tea
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วัสดุอื่นๆ ชา - [Co-branded with Taipei Xiahai City God’s Temple] Lightweight bag of prayers, signed poems, etc. for your sweetheart - Honey Black Tea


**The first 100 people who place an order for the 1+1 paired plan will receive a limited edition Xiahai City God’s Temple bonding rope.** (Reminder: If you purchase 1 set of 1+1 pairs plan, you will get one knotting rope as a gift; if you purchase 2 sets of 1+1 pairs plan, you will get two knotting ropes as a gift, and so on.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53454660309_ad73ffc9b0_k.jpg The blessing of the Xiahai City God: business is prosperous, financial resources are abundant, and everything is safe and smooth. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53454345071_cbb55763df_k.jpg old man under the moon Responsibility: God of marriage May lovers eventually get married Hearing the cries of ",,," on the streets of Japan makes you feel like you are in Japan when you see crows Crows are not good luck for us, but they can also be good luck for others. It seems that sometimes the relationship you encounter is not suitable for others, but it may be perfect for you. There is no perfect person, but there is someone who suits you So we don’t call a person perfect but**“the right person”** Wait for the limited collaboration with Chenghuang Temple Use Yue Lao’s design and add the logo of Xiahai City God’s Temple The first 100 people to purchase the 1+1 plan co-branded lightweight bag The God of Marriage will be given as a gift to the City God Temple Let the right person also**"bring it over lightly"** 2024 Share with friends who are still looking for the right person **❐Lightweight bag packaging❐** A lightweight bag contains six triangular three-dimensional tea bags of the same tea style. and a signed poem Suitable for those who particularly like a single type of tea Zip bag design After each use, the tea bag can be easily isolated from the air. The packaging is lightweight and easy to carry and store. Suitable for travel and office use Simple packaging, no burden and easy to carry Let Waiting Tea also be suitable for personal use https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53454757575_1be08fdb32_k.jpg **☞Teatail** ・Product name: Sweetheart – Honey Beauty Red ・Origin: Alishan, Chiayi ・Degree of fermentation▲▲▲▲▲ ·Suitable For those who are single is great but a little less something For those waiting for the next heartbeat For those who are ready to go again Tell your sweetheart that you are waiting for him It is a fully fermented black tea made from Jinxuan Dried tea has a unique honey and dried fruit aroma Rich aroma and heavy taste The tea soup is composed of unique honey aroma and milky flavor. Has the taste of black tea and oolong at the same time Rich layering and quick aftertaste It is the only fully fermented tea among all teas. The unique aroma and taste are especially loved by women **☞Contents** ・Zip chain bag is lightweight and environmentally friendly ・6 pieces of triangular three-dimensional tea bags ・Each lightweight bag is randomly enclosed with a signed poem (the signed poem is in Chinese and English) **☞Wait for the connection between tea and tradition** Home grown tea leaves Combined with the "Sixty Years Lot" of Mazu Temple In the past, my grandparents would always pray to Mazu for a smooth harvest. And tea every season also lives up to expectations and produces a good taste. These signed poems are randomly placed in each bag of tea I hope it can bring some guidance and direction in life to tea drinkers. Let drinking tea become a blessing and enjoyment of tranquility and self-exploration If you are worried about getting a bad luck draw or placing a lottery, you dare not try it. Mazu's Sixty Years Lot does not have top, middle, or bottom numbers or good or bad luck. The signed poem gives the signer a direction and suggestions. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53454354276_54cd71fc40_k.jpg **☞ Sign a poem** what i want to tell you There is something in the words that will not change for thousands of years https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48195843472_602aba98d0_b.jpg **step 1** Close your eyes and think about the confusion in your heart and what you want to know. **Step 2** Tear open the tea bag, smell the aroma of the tea leaves, and take out the signed poem. **Step 3** Carefully understand the meaning of the signed poem and respond to the questions in your mind **Step 4** Sip good tea and enjoy a little peace of life Think back on life and discover the subtle beauty


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old man under the moon Responsibility: God of marriage May lovers eventually get married


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