My Sweet Guardian night waiting for my organic cotton standard four groups - light indigo

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My Sweet Guardian night waiting for my organic cotton standard four groups - light indigo


Windows were blown softly creaked Sight left deep black and light black contour lines It does not matter That does not matter Since that dark night beyond us Bed and palm palm always fever Regardless of whether the arm was numb pressure You always make me sleep for the next No matter what the issue outside noise You always go gently patted my concern and shock No matter whether I awake You have the patience to accompany me to sleep while the side to catch two or three sentences Thank you my watchman thank you My Sweet Guardian: waiting for me at night *The kit is light indigo linen bandage paragraph, with the same color and light indigo Chuangbao bandage paragraph quilt* *Neutral tones, gave her all right; he gave Hao* *Natural straps drape make life a little bit slow good design* Each season is changing the change in a crowded, colorful street east from Korean, Japanese trend to store brands are internationally renowned, fashionable clothing, fashionable people but then quickly embrace every day and no knowledge of his skin fabrics . Unconsciously, gradually unable to identify the body of the fabric material is actually inferior petrochemical fibers. Unconsciously, we can not feel, although we have not eaten the fabric, but a large number of printing dyes and chemicals, have forgotten their bodies actually need good ventilation and breathing, will in raw materials and consumer distant relative hope not know each other that day, we have forgotten, the earth and the earth is breathing ... .. Light cooperatives mind, is to make plastics industry, power of the people of Taiwan, during the eight hours of sleep every day, using every inch of skin pores can completely breathable organic cotton material, so that the public is already familiar with the fast fashion, picked up again natural fibers understanding and loving. As a natural fiber bedding for adults as the main brand, we hope to bring more awareness of their own use of the product and reminders, but also by the beauty of the presentation fusion concept, so sleep life, delicate skin more readily accessible to the natural desire for . :: FiatLux Latin meaning "Let there be light," we are convinced that everyone can become the world's light, lit each other for each other warm light. :: **Instructions for use:** Bedding mining OCS certified organic production, does not contain formaldehyde, fluorescent agents and the use of environmentally friendly non-toxic dyes, organic cotton is more than three years is not applied pesticides, herbicides planted together, sleep more at ease without causing environmental burden **laundry guide:** No doubt soaked before washing bedding more than six hours, the water temperature is kept below 40 ℃, do not dry washing system strong to fight, do not scrub vigorously into the laundry bag covering cleaning will be better. **Wash the organic cotton bedding recommendations:** Please use neutral detergent in warm water below 40 ℃ (2) Do not use bleach (3) Do not use the dryer (4) low iron was over 60 ℃ **Product specifications:** Product Contents: organic cotton double standard four combinations Product Dimensions: (Unit: cm) Shallow indigo tie pillowcase (into two) 50x75 Shallow Indigo Double Pack 150x186x35 Shallow Indigo Double quilt 180x210 Warranty and Returns Note: because bedding products Gerenweisheng supplies, such as water have been opened during use or washing will affect equity returns. Origin / manufacturing methods Turkey OCS 100% Certified Organic cotton / Taiwan textile factory Tai Yuen old weaving / department store specialized sewing factory


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