humming Taiwan colored glaze small gray butterfly embroidery earrings | ear pins | clip-on | butterfly series

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Exquisite embroidery earrings/Embroidery earrings Taiwan's special fine embroidery interprets the gorgeous colors of plants and animals, and the unique brilliance, which changes with the shimmering luster, The effect is lifelike, but it is light and comfortable~



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humming Taiwan colored glaze small gray butterfly embroidery earrings | ear pins | clip-on | butterfly series


▊ Butterfly series▊ Taiwan colored glaze small gray butterfly <Acytolepis puspa myla> Also known as Indigo Lycaenidae and Blue Lycaenidae, they are endemic subspecies; From an early age, following the color of the food around him, he cleverly hides himself in the environment, And coexist with the united and strong ant friends, Let Ben from Xiaowei survive the vulnerable butterfly larvae, On the contrary, the little gray butterflies are masters of survival. As I grow up and transform, I happily spread my wings and dance freely, The wings are shining with blue, indigo, and purple glaze, Just like the cheerful, easy-going and innocent blue elf, Naughty and cute, funny and clever, Let the elves face a series of adventurous challenges in the future, They will always play and face optimistically and actively. Our life should be the same to make life more exciting and stronger, isn’t it? ❤️ material--- Ear acupuncture: stainless steel for medical use Ear clips: pure brass, painless silicone Material: Embroidery, brass Size: about 3*2cm ∥∥∥ ear clip∥∥∥ Brass spiral ear clip Intimately provide painless silicone cushion Wear it for a long time without discomfort ‖ ‖ ‖ Precautions‖ ‖ ‖ △Embroidery is made by computer and handmade, each is slightly different △The photos of the product may have some color aberration due to embroidery refraction or different computer screen resolution △Metal will be oxidized, please wipe it with a soft cloth and put it in a zipper bag when not wearing it △Please do not bring baths, water baths, hot springs, or swimming △The jewelry should be kept as dry as possible ‖ ‖ ‖ How to use and maintain ‖ ‖ ‖ △Embroidery can touch water, if it encounters sewage, please use clean water to soak it up and gently press it with a paper towel. △Try to keep the jewelry dry to avoid deterioration of metal and embroidery △It is recommended to put in a zipper bag or box that can block the air when storing △Pure silver jewelry is wiped with a silver cloth (don't wash the silver cloth with water) △Brass is a non-electricity material. With time of use and environmental influence, it will gradually oxidize and become darker, which is normal. (It can be cleaned with a copper wiping cloth or copper oil to restore part of the luster. Some of the wiped copper wiping cloths are normal and do not need to be cleaned, otherwise the function of the silver wiping cloth will be lost.) You can also use a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to gently scrub, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Origin/manufacturing method humming design/computer and manual/Made in Taiwan The accessories are all made to order, and the production time is 6-10 days excluding holidays If you have other questions, you can ask by message~ ‖ ‖ ‖ Packaging and after-sales service ‖ ‖ ‖ 1. The products are all packed in exquisite paper bags, please let us know if you need to give gifts and repackage 2. Comes with a transparent zipper bag and a small card for maintenance instructions 3. Jewelry provides lifetime maintenance and warranty (excluding shipping costs)


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