British bone china yellow rose drawing Tenghua teacup, coffee cup two-piece romantic birthday gift

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British bone china yellow rose drawing Tenghua teacup, coffee cup two-piece ~ romantic birthday gift


Annie’s antiques

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British bone china yellow rose drawing Tenghua teacup, coffee cup two-piece romantic birthday gift


♥~ Origin: England ♥~Material: Fine Bone China, Fine Bone China ♥~ Size: Flower cup diameter 10.5cm high 6.5cm cup plate 14.5cm price does not contain snack plate ♥~Product details: Yellow rose totem with gold piping design Romantic rose bouquet with wide mouth flower teacup Perfect afternoon teacup cup totem combined with size~ The product has no scratches, cracks or cracks, and the gold-encrusted edge is also quite intact. If you are a friend who has not yet touched the bone china cup, or wants to give gifts, Annie super recommended this group of simple, medium-sized, totem elegant British flower tea cup. You will find the advantages of the bone china cup: good cleaning, good maintenance, and very light. The mood will be particularly pleasant to use ^^~ ♥~ How to maintain bone china 1. Do not use the microwave oven for tableware with gold-plated sides. 2. When washing dishes, avoid using coarse vegetable or cloth-like lotion. Rinse immediately with warm water after drinking. 3. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Due to the washing method of the dishwasher, there will be scratches on the surface of the bone china for a long time. 4. When storing the dishes, do not stack them to avoid scratching the glaze. 5. Although the surface of the bone china is very hard, the front side of the dish may be cut by the back of the upper bowl when stacking. It is recommended to isolate the disc from the tray with a paper towel. ♥~ Earl Grey Tea Story: British traditional flavored tea meets antique bone china cup Fragrant and rich Earl Grey tea with classic hand-painted rose antique cup According to legend, Earl Grey was named after Earl Grey, the Earl of British Prime Minister, in the early 19th century. Earl Grey was born in the northern part of England. When the British Prime Minister, the source of the Earl Grey tea, there are many different opinions. One of the arguments is that Twinings is the actual creation of Grey Earl Grey. It is said that Earl Grey originated from a gift from a Fujian official in the Qing Dynasty to Earl Grey. At that time, the gift tea that Earl Grey received was very much liked. Earl Grey asked the tea merchant Twinings to copy the same flavored tea to serve his prime minister’s official residence. Wang Sun’s nobleman also remembered this flavored tea. Earl Grey Tea for the name Another way of saying this is that the name of the Earl Grey tea was sold to the tea merchants at that time. Just as Count Charlie Greg became the British prime minister, the tea merchants called the Chinese tea, which was prepared with bergamot oil, in the name of the Prime Minister. Consumer curiosity and desire to buy. However, no matter what the argument, tea time, tea, bone china, talking and laughing, ancient and modern, is the most temperamental casual hobby. Let's share the fun of collecting antiquities with good friends~ Welcome to join "Anny Crazy Antiquities" Become one of the members of antiquities treasure hunt ^^^~ If you want to merge and buy goods from other stores, please let me know which merchandise items are to be merged. I will calculate the freight cost for you and return 10% of the total freight charges to the buyer. Thank you! Please read about me before the subscript Photographed products are inevitably colored. Please read the product pictures and instructions before subscript. For buyers who have perfect requirements, please carefully consider before subscript. I am happy to answer any questions about the goods. Thank you for visiting me here and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here ♥ ~Annie~ ♥


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