smellscape handmade scented soy candle [Freesia English Pear]

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smellscape handmade scented soy candle Use top American century-old brand fragrance ingredients, plus the best American soy wax NatureWax® The aroma is delicate and fascinating, soy wax can be burned and no harmful substances are produced. Freshly made in small quantities to ensure that each batch is fresh and full of aroma



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smellscape handmade scented soy candle [Freesia English Pear]


**smellscape handmade scented soy candle** ◈**Currant & Rose** The fresh rose scent covered with black currant is the protagonist, And on the woody and fruity base notes, Drizzle with a hint of lemon as a top flavor garnish. T: Fresh rose M: Black currant. lemon B: Tannin. Wooden ◈**English Pear & Freesia** Joyful and comfortable autumn tone, Smell it in detail that freshly ripen English pears are wrapped in a bouquet of freesias. And surrounded by amber and patchouli in the woods, It's so sweet and golden. T: Freesia. bouquet M: British pear B: Patchouli. amber ◈**Oud & Bergamot** Reinterpret the mystery and smoky tone of rare ebony, Surrounded by bergamot and orange, we explore the traditional aroma of the East in depth. It's so relaxing and fascinating. T: Bergamot. Tangerine M: Spices. Smoked B: Ebony. cedar. amber ◈**Sandalwood Bourbon** Sip traditional bourbon whiskey in the sandalwood-rich Honolulu, Surrounded by the strong smoky wooden barrel and the gentleness of Dandao, Enjoy a moment of relaxation that great talents understand. T: Bergamot, Jasmine, Violet M: Oak, pine needles B: Patchouli, Sandalwood .................................................. ................................................. smellscape handmade scented soy candle, using top American century-old brand fragrance materials Plus the best soy wax American NatureWax® C-3 SOY WAX ................................................. ................................................. ☞**Top fragrance ingredients** American Centennial Essential Oil Company, the fifth-generation family business, guarantees the quality and purity of the source. The raw materials are sourced in more than 30 countries/regions around the world, and the raw material suppliers must submit documents stating the detailed specifications of each product source. In order to achieve the necessary parts for high-quality products, the essential oils are stable, reliable and never compromised. ☞**High quality soybean wax** NatureWax C-3 Soy Wax is an all-natural soy wax that does not contain artificial surfactants, preservatives and chemical ingredients. It is known for its low melting point, safe and non-hot touch, and excellent fragrance bearing. Among the various fragrance brand soy waxes, NatureWax C-3 is the best fragrance carrier in the test. ☞**Original cross wood chip candle wick** Use pure natural wood chips to make cross candle wicks by hand. Among various candle wick materials, it has the advantages of not easily producing black smoke, burnt smell, and burning evenly. —————— **Product content** —————— **smellscape handmade scented soy candle-1** **Gift: GoGo Living exclusive cotton and linen drawstring pocket-1** —————— **Specification details** —————— ∎ Product name: smellscape handmade scented soy candle ∎ Capacity: 100ml ∎ Size: height 7cm, diameter 5.5cm ∎ Burning time: about 30 hours ∎ Origin of raw materials: United States ∎ Production location: handmade in Taiwan —————— **Burning instructions** —————— It is recommended to burn for 1 hour for the first use, and then extinguish after the fragrance is released and a complete waxworm pond is formed. Burn for at least 30 minutes each time, so that after the candle pool is generated, it is convenient for the next use. If the wood chip candle wick is slightly carbonized, you can wipe it slightly to get the best effect. Trim the wick before burning, leaving about 0.5 cm for best results. —————— Precautions —————— Please keep ventilation when burning. Avoid long-term sunlight exposure to candles to avoid deterioration. —————— **Shipping instructions** —————— This product is made fresh in a small amount in the studio to ensure that each batch is fresh and full of aroma If in stock, it will be shipped within 2 days. If it is out of stock and wait for the production time, it will be shipped within 7-10 days If there is an urgent need, please use the message to ask before placing an order


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