Wake me before dawn Wake up before the dawn of organic cotton single strap quilt cover

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- 100% Turkish Organic Cotton OCS Certified Cookware - Please wash the water temperature below 30°C normally, do not soa



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1 - 3 วัน
Wake me before dawn Wake up before the dawn of organic cotton single strap quilt cover


"Awake Wake me before dawn before dawn" I turned to you I turned to you Watching your ups and downs and sleeping quietly I'm thinking about my heart Quietly in the night As if the whole world could hear my insomnia As if the whole body cells knew my inner turmoil and helplessness Dear Oh my dear I can Not yesterday's me? *Dimensions Description: 150x210cm single quilt cover (with lanyard attached to the mouth with natural martensitic ornament)* Pure in me Pure; My Pure White Double Pillow Case (two in) *Material Description: Turkey 100% OCS organic certified organic cotton* *<Photos Cooperative Awakening Series> Before each day's waking up, before each day's lying down. In the third series of products, the Photo Cooperative hopes to bring a reminder of the awakening. It is a day for the new beginning. It also recalls the day just ended. One day after another, we are constantly repeating the same cycle in our lives. Or with a clear heart, not bound by the external framework? The awakening series of the Photovoltaic Society wants to awaken our sleeping soul. Each day we face our own life with a brand new heart. We don't frame our inner fear and live every possibility of being more plentiful.... The organic cotton of Turkey that has not been treated with pesticides and herbicides for three years was introduced into Taiwan by a well-known old factory Taiyuan Weaving Fabrics, and was commissioned by a specialized senior counter group to manufacture fine counters with 24 years of manual processing experience. Made. * * The idea of the photocooperative is to allow Taiwanese people in the plastics industry giants to use an organic cotton material that allows every inch of pores in the skin to breathe completely during the eight hours of sleep every day, so that people who are already familiar with fast fashion can pick up again. From the understanding of natural fibers and hobbies. As a brand based on adult natural fiber cookers, we hope to bring more awareness and reminders to our products, as well as the concept of aesthetic fusion, which will make sleeping life and delicate skin closer to natural. desire. * In the crowded, colorful East Side streets, from the Korean trend, the trend of the Japanese store to the well-known international brands everywhere, stylish clothing changes every season, people who embrace the fast fashion but no knowledge of the fabric of their daily skin blind date . Unconsciously, we couldn't recognize that the cloth on the body was actually a petrochemical fiber with inferior material. Unconsciously, we cannot feel that although we did not eat fabrics, but in a large number of printing dyes and chemicals, we forgot that our body actually needs good ventilation and breathing. Will we be far away from raw materials and consumers? We all forgot about the day when we did not know each other, the earth and the earth's breath..... Because bedding is not a daily change of clothes, so pay more attention to its material and process is friendly to the human body, we try a little more, on the environment, the supply chain, the transparency of product information, the creation of a brand The starting point and each of these choices should start from good. **"Photocoop" is a bedding brand that combines beauty, temperature and friendliness.** **FiatLux's dual personality.** External personality is derived from the sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to promoting the use of natural fibers (such as cotton, hemp, wood pulp fibers, Tencel, etc.) or recycled fibers. The intrinsic personality is manifested in the sense of beauty, and the design of the fabric itself reflects the texture of the fabric. The style is simple and elegant. After returning to the bedroom, the pressure and tension of the entire day are completely released in the mild colors. **"The photoco-op doesn't just sell cooking utensils, it's not just a sleep. What we're responding to is that after each return to the bedroom, the desire to truly be truly quiet....** ** "Photo Cooperatives" is the first brand of organic cotton bedding in Taiwan that offers a wide range of colors. It is also the first bedding brand in Taiwan with natural fibers and environmental friendliness. ** Origin / manufacturing methods Turkish organic cotton/Taiwan textile old factory manufacturing/Thirty years skill factory sewing


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