Limited trial sale/ CP value broken watch/ dday M+1/ Backpack/ Waterproof Backpack/ Camouflage

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Limited trial sale/ CP value broken watch/ dday M+1/ Backpack/ Waterproof Backpack/ Camouflage


★dday M+1 BACKPACK★ When every second counts, A good partner is indispensable, no more and no less designs, Only care about the details that are really needed. ●The fast reel does not spring back, the original design is only on dday. ●Both side pockets adopt zipper hidden elastic band to increase the space. ●The front waterproof zipper pocket can be used to store various items. ●Ergonomic double-arc straps, lined with professional high-efficiency decompression pads. ●The strap is equipped with adjustable chest buckle for stability. ●The back is made of AIRMESH material, with a built-in pressure relief foam pad, And use the lining to create a three-dimensional bag that is straight and does not collapse. ●The zipper design on the back makes it easy to take out large items. ●A fixed shock-proof laptop protective bag is set inside. 【product material】 ●Using two kinds of fabrics, camouflage nylon water-repellent material, made of special The warp and weft weaving method makes the texture show three colors through the light. ●The top and bottom are stitched with fog black PU waterproof material, Durable and tear-resistant, plus practicality. ●The lining is made of water-repellent nylon, and the durability is upgraded. (lining color: blue) ●Using Japanese YKK zipper and special mineral black slider, the texture is upgraded. ●For all sewing products on the market, water vapor may still seep into the zipper and other gaps and holes. 【Product configuration】 ●Zipper type pocket × 2 ●Open pocket × 6 ●Fixed notebook type protective bag × 1 【Product Size】 W300 H470 D135 (mm) about 21L 【Origin/Manufacturing method】 Handmade in Taiwan Classic M+1 BACKPACK Camouflage ►dday's original scroll-type design, which can be easily adjusted forward or backward after adjusting the capacity, so that the bag cover is completely covered, and it is not easy to pop open. It gets rid of the discomfort and adds a sense of detail. ►The three-dimensional bag that is straight and does not collapse allows people to walk in every corner of the world with high spirits. Waterproof ⇧ ►The favorite of motorcycle commuters!!! The front of the pack has a matte black waterproof zippered pocket for storing various items. "Demonstration Photo" Demonstration of using the M+1 magic black backpack, each color is slightly different, please refer to the product description for details. Comfort ⇧ ►The back is made of AIRMESH breathable material, and the backing is reinforced and thickened, which is more comfortable than the general single-layer foam pad. The lining is used to create a three-dimensional bag that is straight and does not collapse. ►Double-arc straps are exquisitely bound, and the knotted sewing is enhanced with cold light blue stitching, which improves the texture. Durability⇧ ►The whole package uses high-strength webbing, the webbing is durable and not easy to deform, and the knotted sewing is strengthened on the stress surface of the webbing, which is more firm. Practicality ⇧ ►The inside is waterproof fabric, and the back and bottom are lined with high-density foam pads, so that the items are well protected. ►Internal compartment with long open pockets on each side, a zippered pocket on the back, and two open pockets for storing various small items. ►There is also a fixed shock-proof thick notebook protection bag, so that you can leave when every second counts. (Note: The width of the notebook layer is 25 cm, and the MacBook Pro 15” bare metal can be placed in it. If you add the notebook cover first and then put it in, you may not be able to put it in smoothly due to different thicknesses, so please consider it) Attention ⇧ ►Cold light blue side zipper on the back, extended zipper design, you can easily take out large items, and when you are carrying it, the side side is faintly revealing the cool light blue tone, which is unique in low-key. ►The double side pockets are increased, the items are not easy to fall, and the zipper hidden elastic band design is adopted, which can easily put water bottles and other items, beautiful and practical. Strap level⇧ ►The ergonomic double-arc strap design can achieve balance and make it lighter when you carry it; the strap is equipped with an adjustable chest buckle, which allows you to have full stability while traveling. ►The dday strap is lined with high-efficiency decompression pads, and the grade of the strap is different from the general lined foam strap. ►dday M+1 BACKPACK camouflage The M series with a broken CP value is in limited trial sale!!! 🌟🌟🌟This product is delivered in a carton🌟🌟🌟 🌟 If you have other packaging needs, please remark or leave a message


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dday M+1 series / original scroll design / with back pressure relief / shockproof notebook layer / camouflage


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