Mohair Linen knit stall orange

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Mohair Linen knit stall orange


Kenrando's linen knit that has gained popularity. Here, not only the linen, is a stall for the autumn and winter, which was made to fit a mohair material. Mohair is a hair to be mowed from Angola goat, its fineness and softness is characterized. Because the shape of the cuticle is different, there's no tingling felt in wool material. This blend of mohair and linen (mix at the stage of making a thread), not use a thread of linen, mohair, we 混編 each yarn taking advantage of the features. Linen knit (knitting) technology, rare in the world, originally Yamagata Prefecture Kenrando company that has continued long the production of knitwear collection brand around the wool was completed by repeated research technology. This stall knit technology of this Kenrando unique is jammed. Mohair and linen is by about 40%. The nature of the material, is a thin impression a little lighter than linen knit. Size is large format. Since the hair foot of mohair is a little long, gently soft look and feel. In spring and autumn, you can coordinate with elegant impression if Haore spread. Because it is a warm material, winter, if you wrapped around the neck, you can wear warm. Warmth than 100% wool and mohair will decrease, but by a combination of the outer, you can also use enough you in winter. Because that contains the linen, there is no Atsubotta is, you can coordinate a refreshing neck. For mohair and linen, each of dyed yarn knitting organization, is characterized by a beautiful color gradient natural. Lightly, do not become wrinkles, is the same as other Ken land knit product. Dominating likely mohair linen knit stalled until early spring. it's recommended. 【size】 60cm x 170cm Because of the natural materials, it might be slightly different. 【Color】 orange Thank many other colors. [Material] Linen 43%, 36% mohair, nylon 18%, wool 3% ※ linen 41%, 41% wool, 18 percent nylon Due to the difference of the production lot, but there is also something of this notation, also it contains 36% mohair 41% wool. Only 2% of the difference of the linen, the same thing basically. In the future, it will be unified in the representation of the mohair containing the above. ( "Wool", which refers to the mainly wool, in the broad sense might also include the hair of other animals. In the choice of method of composition inspection and notation, there is that such differences may occur.) About your laundry] You can wash at home. Dries quickly, so less likely to wrinkle iron is not required, you can use on a daily basis peace of mind. Than hand washing, for uniform consuming way of load, we recommend washing machine wash. In order to prevent catching the, please use the laundry net.


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