Natural teak coaster/wood coaster/coaster-round wave dot style│unpainted wood

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Fantino Home Men
Fantino Home Men
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Natural teak coaster/wood coaster/coaster-round wave dot style│unpainted wood

รายละเอียดสินค้า Among the many dining and kitchen utensils, the wooden tableware with beautiful wood grain, fresh wood fragrance and woody feel, coupled with the warmth brought to people after being served, is often in love with it. Strictly selected natural teak wood is hand-made, each wood grain color has its own uniqueness and different story, stick to no lacquer, please feel at ease to use. Fantino teak tableware series, divided into two series of stripes and polka dots The lines on each wood product are hand-carved by the master, enjoy a unique sense of respect! Product specifications Size⎮ diameter 9cm x thickness 1cm Material ⎮ teak Design Origin ⎮ Taiwan Manufacturing place ⎮ Thailand [Precautions for use] . Do not use in microwave ovens, ovens, electric cookers, dishwashers, dishwashers, sterilizers and refrigerators. . Try to avoid contact with iron-containing items when the utensils are wet, so as not to cause discoloration. Or contain foods that are easy to stain, such as curry, coffee, red dragon fruit... etc., which can easily stain the utensils! . Please avoid collision or falling from high places 【Cleaning precautions】 . Do not use bleach for tableware to avoid discoloration of wood products. . Please wash as soon as possible after use, avoid prolonged soaking in water or boiling for disinfection. . If there is no oil or soup residue, it is recommended to wipe it with a napkin or a clean cotton cloth. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent with a sponge and soft brush to wash by hand. After rinsing, wipe it with a dry cloth. [Precautions for storage] . Dinner plates and trays can be placed upright when not in use to keep the bottom dry and improve deformation caused by changes in humidity and temperature. . Do not place it in direct sunlight or high temperature, as it may cause cracking of wood products. . It is recommended to store in an open storage cabinet to maintain air circulation. It is recommended to keep a distance between appliances and do not stack them. . Keep the storage area away from places with high humidity and high temperature, such as sinks and gas stoves. 【Care instructions】 It is recommended to use edible oil for maintenance regularly to avoid cracking and moldy wood products! (Avoid using strong-smelling cooking oil for maintenance. Although there is no doubt about its use, the pores of the log may absorb the smell, which will affect the smell of the food after it is plated!) 1. Put a little edible oil (1~2 drops) on the wooden product, wipe the entire wooden product with your hands or a clean cotton cloth, and finally wipe off the excess edible oil. 2. After wiping, let it air dry naturally.


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Fantino teak tableware series, divided into two series of stripes and polka dots Japanese designer craftsmen made wood, selected natural high-quality teak wood, It is presented with the natural warm color and luster of teak, without lacquer, to provide home peace of mind and non-toxic logs. In order to obtain the most approachable price, Fantino sought out Thai carpenters Taiwan, Japan and Thailand work together to supervise the manufacturing,


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