Sasayaki ABC / whispering letters hand cloth pins (2 / group)

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Good guests who want to "don't": Sasayaki ABC (whispering) hand-made cloth pin is a dipping sauce. In order to let you have something to say, you don't have to say "do not", but you design and personally hand-made works, I belie



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Sasayaki ABC / whispering letters hand cloth pins (2 / group)


[Product Description] Cute and fun Sasayaki ABC (whisper) hand cloth pin Will become the "endorsement" person of everyone Whether you want to talk open or talk silently Let Sasayaki ABC help you with the "don't" watch. Each exclusive cloth pin is hand-stitched with dipping sauce Whether it is made into a child's name pin, his own motivational pin Still pick each other's letters as a couple (friends) pin All right!! Small details also help the guests to notice!! The dipping sauce is attached to the needle on the pin. Please take it carefully and take it first when you use it. Don’t put it on the cloth again. In this way, you can avoid accidentally pressing the pin Causes the pin to fall off or is accidentally pinched!! [combination selection] Dipping sauce offers two total combination options so that everyone can do it!! ★ Combination 1: I+II=Sasayaki help me Choose the letter you like or represent to let it tell you You can print the specified text in the dialog box. Make it a name pin, motivational pin or teaser pin.... and more!! ★ Combination 2: I+I=ABC to communicate I really want low-key points. It doesn't matter, then choose a favorite letter. Or on behalf of yourself or with his or her own letter Think about which combination? Then come and pick the pattern. [style selection] I: Please tell the letters A~Z II: Please inform the code 01~16 [customized process] [Ordering Precautions] 1. Good guests, please be sure to choose the combination and pattern style and then place the order, and leave the relevant information to the dipping sauce after the payment is completed, so that it is convenient for you!! Example: Combine one + A (letter) +1 (Dialog number ) + dialog text content or combination of two C (letters) + F (letters). 2. The text provides a small reminder: due to the limited space of the pin, the more the word, the smaller the word (refer to the dialog box to select the example), it is recommended that the Chinese does not exceed 4 words, the English does not exceed 8 letters!! 3. Pin dialog text does not provide proofreading! 4. The pins are in two groups, and no one is sold. 5. The color of the needle sleeve is provided randomly, not necessarily black!! But the dipping sauce will not be mismatched, please rest assured. 6. The color of the fabric transfer is inevitably a little different from that on the screen; when the circular pattern is hand-stitched and stuck, it will inevitably be a little bit, but the dipping sauce will try its best to do the quality control, please rest assured... if the request is perfect Good guests, please do not buy!! In order to avoid disputes, hurt feelings ~~~ 7. Pins are pre-ordered!! Pre-ordered items!! Pre-ordered items!! Because there is a certain amount of hot stamping to be produced, and there are many processes to be produced after hot stamping, it is impossible to accept urgent handling!! Please not wait "Good guests don't bother each other!! Thanks!! [custom / shipping time] 【Product Size】 Pin: 3cm (2 / group) [About material] Fabric: Taiwan high quality plain cotton transfer printing Pin: Alloy pin base + hose sleeve [Logistics Selection Guide] Warmly remind you to choose the logistics method to effectively protect your rights!!


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