New Year's limited bird's nest gift box l one two three Wang passers-by l Into the integrated l instant honey 240ML that drink 70ml sugar 70ml drink jujube l limited edition gift dog year small

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🔥 【Let's Yan Wang are both jumped out bark Wang】 🎈 | Spring Festival limited bird's nest gift box X Design | Des



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New Year's limited bird's nest gift box l one two three Wang passers-by l Into the integrated l instant honey 240ML that drink 70ml sugar 70ml drink jujube l limited edition gift dog year small


🔥 Let's Swallows are a ride out of the bark of a bout Every new year, always give the new year new hope, And then by the end of the year, did not think of that unfulfilled wish. In fact, the desire is not difficult to achieve, the difficulty is to find ways to achieve it! Take care of our dearest family with bird's nest; use the nest to nest our most respected elders! Let them feel my warm heart, let them feel that they have been valued, A lot of want, hope, are no longer difficult! This year, not only do we wish, but also let it be realized:) ☝️ | Products | Let's Swallow all achieved a bouncing year 🔥 Spring Festival limited nest gift box 🔥 One Two Three Wang Tu smooth Three into the comprehensive (one big two small) Contents Instant bird's nest: honey flavor 240ml * 1 Ready to drink bird's nest: sugar candy 70ml * 1 Ready to drink bird's nest: jujube flavor 70ml * 1 Japanese small porcelain spoon: random style (limited edition, while supplies last) Brand red dog year (limited edition, while supplies last) Spring couplets brand (limited edition, while supplies last) Raw materials: high quality natural "Yan Lan" Ready to concentrate | bird's nest solid shape: full 100% Ready to Drink Bird's Nest | Bird's Nest Solid Shape: Up to 20% ☝️ | How to eat | Ready to eat (concentrated) bird's nest: morning and evening fasting a tablespoon, about 15-18 days to eat, but also in accordance with preferences, with drinks, fruits and other food. Ready to drink nests: How to eat: Please drink immediately after opening. (Please use clean and dry spoon access to bird's nest, in order to protect the product does not degenerate) (Pregnant women Mummy, do not forget the baby in the stomach, ready to eat bird's nest sooner or later two spoons!) Expiration date: marked on the product card Shelf life: 40 days without opening Storage: Store at 0 ~ 4 ° C. This product is pure natural food, without any preservatives and artificial additives, to be refrigerated. After opening, it is recommended to consume within 20 days to ensure that the taste is fresh. ☝️ | Writing Card Service | Special gift Spring couplets greeting card For the purpose of writing cards, we can tell the text we want to convey (within 50 words) Let the recipient feel exclusive enjoyment as soon as it is opened, Offer blessings, Let's achieve Yan Wang ~ 🎈 | A combination of inspiration and design | Designer Lok Yan launched the Spring Festival limited gift box, a skilled hand painting, so that Miss Yan rode in a white dog named "Xi Wang", the two ran toward the far end, symbol of Wang Yan Wang can be achieved! ☝️ | Food Safety Certification | SGS food safety inspection passed all, and published to SGS safety net. Through trial and has insured 10 million Taiwan's product insurance. ☝️ | pure natural raw materials & relief process | Made of pure natural Yanzhan, if the bird's nest in fine needle-like plume, is a natural phenomenon of normal products. Fresh stewed, preservative-free, gel-free, without any artificial additives, to be refrigerated. 😭 | User Testimonials Recommended | Thank you friends recommended the truth, so young but intentions of the brand to see hope. 👏 User recommended the most heart-warming word of mouth, most Wenqing bird's nest brand. 👏 love rating network "reputation of popular shops," the award (love evaluation network: Taiwan's most credible one of the users to share evaluation network) 👏 Facebook fans and Pinkoi consumers open scoring mechanism is full of five stars, quality and service reputation are very good. 燕️ | Nice bird's nest, from a good natural environment | Taiwan brand --- Indonesia's natural bird's nest imports (Yan Yan House) / Taiwan system


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