MYTH: trigonometry rose quartz necklace crystal necklace simple geometric ornaments simple winding natural crystal pink love


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  • Vegan handmade natural crystal jewelry studio -world smells different.
    Take care of your beauty from the inside out. For those who do not want someone with the same person.

    Crystal earthquake frequency to help you all wishes come true. But the general lack of design crystal jade market.
    Want to fall in love, I heard Rose Quartz can gain popularity so I wanted to buy, but wearing a whole bunch of cheesy old-fashioned ball bracelets and did not like people to see their courtship, so I wanted to experience with the cuff cover girls they have had?

    Thus, the hope for the crystal shop put on new clothes, fashion Attractive meticulous simplicity is king of the 21st century.
    Put your energy change for the better, but also let you look beautiful :)

    Crystal is no longer belong to superstition witch or older women stuff. Natural crystal jade and natural qualities of both, both physical and spiritual therapy tools that can help individuals to enhance the gas field, but also with cheap plastic toy factory different stuff - Ore chemical nature, an ice crust may be tens to crack evidence of change hundreds of years ago.
    There is no longer the same two stones, one for each planet gives you a unique gift.

    Our design ideas to simple main. Color arrangement of different metal materials produced temperament jewelry. Without fancy exaggerated, in order to highlight the beauty of a spar.
    Main collecting special cut crystal, can not find in other stores, so you wear jewelry look more unique, you do not want for others with the same person.

    Designers adhere to a belief: our beauty, do not rely on animals. Should make good use of human wisdom ﹑ creative, implement, old age brings knowledge to change our habits. The universe is sacred, human beings have long been ready to explore the treasures Let ﹑ utilized.
    Our commitment therefore does not use any animal by-products as a part or material, such as leather, bones, specimens, pearls, coral, etc., including the nature of dead animals (as it will be indirect killing of advocate of creating physical vanity)

    Store design includes brass, 925 sterling silver, crystal and no staining of natural stone ﹑ laser US imports of copper Art. All handmade.


    product name:
    MYTH: trigonometry rose quartz necklace

    = Main stone Main Stone =

    Natural rose quartz (10MM)

    Color Color:
    Rose Quartz ball deep - deep pink, natural cotton wadding, Binglie

    = Metal Material Metal Material =

    Chain: gold-plated brass / bronze chain can be transferred

    Bracelet chain length = =

    Customizable. Please Remark, or single letter after private message :)

    = = Wire Wire
    US imports of Art copper (silver)

    +++ +++ Very important statement

    1. other computer display with color photos exist to some extent, but also natural crystal ﹑ fluorescent lamps (fluorescent) or tungsten (tungsten) in daylight (daylight) light will show different color ﹑ under inferior strength string light and so on.
    Photos can not be fully rendered, please understand. As special care, it is recommended Xianxiang designer private information queries.

    2. OUR each jewelry are handmade, unlike a certain amount of production mold fabrication as perfect scratch. Handmade jewelry will certainly leave traces, perfectionist, please avoid.

    3. Each product has different Sizes ﹑ length, be careful to buy. I try as much as possible will release the physical map, if not, your own measure with a soft foot. Figure Sizes chain around the neck is the entire length, so you can use soft feet around the length of the budget of the necklace.

    4. With regard to quality problems:

    Many people think that some of the bad material chain will fade, it is not.
    We must first know the main reason is because the oxidation discoloration and scratches.
    As long as there is a surface coating, it must be scraped off possible.
    The second is the problem of oxidation, exposure may have their own air oxidation.
    Wet weather around ﹑ whether on skin care products ﹑ body will sweat drain is excessive, the amount of wear of time will also affect the degree of oxidation.
    Oxidation is only a matter of time.

    This is jewelry and jewelry respectively.
    Jewelry jewelry price is several times more than nature has its reason.
    If you want to be able to jewelry well-maintained, it is recommended to select 925 silver, because you can use wipe silver cloth maintenance. As long as proper maintenance, would have been shining down. If you want a little cheaper, brass is a very good choice, which is why so many hands Zuoren will use this material.

    But if plated metal chains, they will fade, so try to maintain, or else had no choice but to change 925 sterling silver chain or k gold chain (but over a thousand Yuan NT)

    K gold plated over with ornaments friends know, the gold plating will fade, especially the red line (red copper ﹑ rose gold, etc.) even worse.

    Our brand name used by the US copper arts, there is a certain quality assurance, there is no guarantee can not fade. And some people will often along with other jewelry worn together. Ornaments hand compared to most other jewelry easily oxidized ﹑ fade, followed by the necklace, followed by earrings.


    If you want to save relatively shiny metal parts, please carefully protect it and avoid rapid oxidation.

    1. As used jewelry to wear skin care / cosmetics / perfume, try to dry before wearing jewelry;
    2. Try not to wear jewelry when bathing or cleaning the bathroom, hit the water with a dry cloth and gently wipe. In particular, do not wear swimming, sea water or brine will both speed metal oxide;
    3. Do not wear to bed;
    4. take off jewelry with a dry cloth to wipe away the sweat and dirt, and put the included self-styled compact bag to save, you can use wipe silver cloth maintenance;
    5. Place away from cosmetics / skin care products or volatile substances, put in a cool dry place.

    Natural stone degaussing:

    Do not flush the hose / over the water (because the metal part to avoid cleaning the bathroom), usually you can use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the crystal. To degaussing available Druse Quartz debris buried ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ aura lit sage and other methods; such as those who do not believe in energy, you can ignore.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

    Mailing Service (mandatory)

    - Send Taiwan -
    Because SF Express does not accept crystal imported from Taiwan, so the shop only by registered airmail parcel sent to Hong Kong in the form of postal service, e-mail tracking number will be provided, and guests can track the status of messages posted on the Hong Kong Post website.

    Taiwan sent normally takes 7-17 working days, guests can look patience. By registered airmail parcel post sent)

    If you need urgent, the shop can arrange EMS Speedpost (1-2 business days delivery time), postage NTD560 / HKD 135 (to make another addition, please contact!)

    Send Hong Kong
    Our use of Hong Kong Postal Service sent all over Hong Kong. Free transportation of goods in the shop.
    HK $ 250 or less a few goods will be sent by ordinary mail, delivery will take 3-5 business days. (To be sent by registered, please contact with the designer)
    HK $ 250 or more goods will be sent by registered form, it takes 1-2 business days.

    - Field -
    Please check with the designer.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Hong Kong handmade

    Packaging Reference: (the following figure only as a reference package, excluding necklace)

    Will be in carton packaging, with a bouquet of dried flowers ﹑ card shop, a ziplock bag (with accessories and maintenance).
    If jewelry large size, however, will be used to wrap textured.

    But if the large crystal bracelet class or category is not enough space parcels (will not fit into the box XD), will thus be placed in the box (do not worry, still good-looking)

    If you order more than one item, please inform designers need multiple boxes. (Plus postage may be required, depending on the weight of the goods and parcels Sizes ﹑ sending countries, please discuss)
    If not specifically requested, usually wrapped in the same box. If guests support environmental protection, can reduce the requirements made of paper or the paper tray to use ^^




    Dried flowers are hand selected each time, sometimes with the ordered crystal color and dried flowers stock availability (because not each colored flowers there), but to look at the owner mood, so this will not necessarily be a combination of: p: p: p If you do not see the goods do not call me; p
    But if you have special needs can do the owner will try to achieve the requirements of the guests

    - Greeting Service -
    Does not provide temporarily, if they wish to write the names of recipients and special sentence will be on store cards (700g cotton material, very texture) to write on. Please contact the designer.

    HAPPY SHOPPING! If guests support environmental protection, can reduce the requirements made of paper or the paper tray to use ^^
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Hong Kong handmade
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Hong Kong handmade
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MYTH: trigonometry rose quartz necklace crystal necklace simple geometric ornaments simple winding natural crystal pink love

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