god leading hand-made - [music] a mini microphone hanging ornaments + musical instrument box jewelry box mini microphone texture Valentine's Day gift commemorative hand-sewing customization


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    Delicate heart small collection of gifts. Mini musical instrument model can be placed on the desk / desk, Or with tex
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    God leading store cat "Little Mimi" shop dog "little do not point" Accompany you over the mountains, record life.
    Maintain good intentions, do good deeds, keep learning, keep innocence.


    ✦ / Product Content / ✦
    Master craftsmen are hand-made
    - Miniature model of exquisite miniature x1
    - Wood musical instrument storage box x1

    Designer handmade
    - Metallic Charm Accessories x1
    - illustration kraft paper box packing x1

    **Rich and warm content, to convey the gift of the deepest heart**


    ✦ / mini instrument model style / ✦


    ✦ / Metal Charms Accessories Selection Instructions / ✦
    Metal strap accessories hook can hang on the mini instrument above,
    Bracket and strap can choose to use two changes with the mood.

    The style has been selected as 7 + 1 super sense of color feel combination.
    A. Go forward with lucky red
    B. Seriously clever and vibrant orange
    C. leisurely full of confident yellow
    D. Optimistic Moe likes to love green
    E. dark color low-key a little weird blue
    F. calm wisdom full of intellectual purple
    G. kind and warm warmth full of earth brown

    ✦ / Metal Charms Accessories Select Image / ✦

    A. Go forward with lucky red

    B. Seriously clever and vibrant orange

    C. leisurely full of confident yellow

    D. Optimistic Moe likes to love green

    E. dark color low-key a little weird blue

    F. calm wisdom full of intellectual purple

    G. kind and warm warmth full of earth brown


    ✦ / Customizable Content / ✦

    Offer free:
    1. Illustration packaging pattern original price + NT66
    **2018 discount + NT0**
    This item can be free to specify an item or a simple theme or a short paragraph, to help you add illustrations on the package.
    Please note: If you draw a house for me (can be attached to the designer) // such as birthday theme // such as wedding memorials, etc.

    Orders not given up as abandoned, the designer will randomly draw on the intercession to you.
    Patterns are too complicated will affect the visual effects, if you leave a lot of items, the designer will automatically consider the selection of illustrations on the content.


    Need to pay:
    2. Texture metal strap accessories plus hand-sewn words**NT150**
    Designers can help you sew a name or remind yourself of important words / words (6 characters in English or 2 characters in Chinese)
    Need to sew hand-sewn, please choose the option when there are sewn hand-sewn orders, after the notes to the designer!

    Hand sewing details and effects, please click into the watch:

    3. Texture metal strap accessories custom color and style**+ NT66**
    Yes, if you have very, very own ideas, the texture of metal strap you want to follow the content of**own**,
    + NT66 to choose from: leather color // small hanging color // small tag interlayer color // small pendant.
    Notes after the order to the designer designer to help you make.

    Charm metal accessories description and effects, please click and into the watch:

    ✦ / Customized Ordering and Memo Reference / ✦
    You can use the page plus purchase can also be directly selected in the options.
    Details of the part of the order can be remembered ~


    ✦ / working days / ✦

    In accordance with the order of payment production. out of stock!
    After about payment**5-7 working days (not including holidays)**accomplish with**Send**.
    Payment will be sent on Monday about Monday
    Payment will be sent on Wednesday about Wednesday

    One hand to do the studio,
    Hope to make a gift close to people There are many small details need to focus on cumbersome,
    Payment to receive about estimated two weeks the most insurance,
    If you have to receive the time,
    Be sure to contact the designer to confirm the delivery and then order!

    ✦ / Logistics Delivery Time / ✦
    Mailing: 1-2 days after delivery to the designated address.
    Super merchants to pick up: 2-3 days after delivery to serve the designated supermarkets.
    Hong Kong / Macau: SF send, delivered 2-4 days after delivery.

    ✦ / Material / ✦
    Mini guitar main body for the wooden model.
    The clarinet is a plastic model.
    Wind instruments are copper metal models,
    The use of copper metal material after rust test.

    Lucky small listing material:
    Germany imported environmentally friendly washable leather paper.
    As the name suggests is the thickness of thick paper, but the leather surface feel and toughness.
    Leather paper raw materials for the natural fiber slurry, feel good to touch the water to clean the natural dry,
    Does not contain any harmful substances, recycle, recyclable.

    Other accessories: synthetic metal / zinc alloy / copper metal / leather rope / plastic / Mu Zhu, and so on

    ✦ / Size / ✦
    Mini instrument size is about 8-10cm

    ✦ / After-sales service / ✦
    After purchasing any questions contact us will seriously respond to and improve.

    ✦ / Usage Precautions / ✦
    Hands make mini instrument surface light paint,
    Can not be used directly as a key ring Oh!
    Please avoid collision with other hard objects, easy to scratch damage.

    Suitable and proper use:
    Hanging in the car after the mirror or the wall. Desk. Before the table lamp to do home decoration use.


    ✦ / About God leading / ✦

    Hand-made. Childlike. warm. gift. Partly customized

    This item represents a small heart.
    Gentle and kind-hearted people who deserve to be treated gently in this world.
    No matter how real wounds, I constantly remind myself to maintain innocence. Kind
    Hope is a gift that does not follow the fashion and can accompany you everywhere.
    Practicality, even after the aging of the old washing, I still hope to retain it.
    Looked at it will think of this period of time this experience or some of their own vigilance.

    Cat Kitty mini into a simplified "M", as our LOGO,
    Semantic meaning is firm. Do not be affected or afraid of anything, respect yourself, learn to listen to the voice of your heart.
    Bravely adhering to the path that belongs to you.

    The panh Out of The Valley Appears When You Choose To See Things Differently.

    Latest News Follow Facebook: God leading Art Creation
    One-person studio non-design team, replies and work days late please forgive me.


    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in China // Taiwan god leading feel studio producer
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god leading hand-made - [music] a mini microphone hanging ornaments + musical instrument box jewelry box mini microphone texture Valentine's Day gift commemorative hand-sewing customization

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