Double-layered headband (elastic/tie type)-Xiaoyu watermelon bite

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*The upper layer can be pulled down. Medium and long hair can be tied with a ponytail. Long hair can be tied with a braid. *General size (applicable for adults with head circumference 53~56 cm) *Extended size (applicable for adults with head circumference 56.5~58 cm) *Average female adult: 54 cm (for reference)



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Double-layered headband (elastic/tie type)-Xiaoyu watermelon bite


▲▲Double-layer hairband (elastic/tie)-a bite of Xiaoyu watermelon▲▲ @台制布. Good durability. 6.5 cm wide @Binding method: *The upper layer can be pulled down. Medium and long hair can be tied with a pony tail (see photo 3). *Can be tied with a braid (as shown in the photo 4) *Long hair / short hair / Baotou are all available. @布素色 is gauze (breathable). Xiaoyu watermelon thin cloth. @General size (applicable for adults with head circumference of 53~56 cm)-small kite head circumference of 55.5 cm Extended size (suitable for adults with a head circumference of 56.5~58 cm) *Average female adult: 54 cm (for reference) *Please be sure to confirm the lengthening. Because there are fewer head circumferences. Cannot be refunded after ordering. Cannot be refunded. Cannot be refunded. Please choose carefully. *The actual head circumference measurement method: as shown in the photo. Circle to the top of the head. Use a measuring tape/line. Spread out in centimeters. @ Each is handmade. When cutting, the pattern of the fabric will be slightly different! (but it is the same batch of fabric) @Cleaning method: Hand wash is better. Or put it in a laundry bag. Put it flat and dry in the shade. ▲▲High-standard perfectionists do not place orders. Small kites are 100% handmade by themselves There are inevitably some traces of hand-made goods. This is hand-made and not factory-made. Does not affect the wearing and appearance. Perfectionists have trouble leaving a way for hand-made creators. (Please do not place an order-please. Please again. It will cause both parties to be unhappy in the future) It is strongly recommended that you: buy it at high-end department stores. @Order before-if you have any questions, please click to contact the designer to ask! Thank you!! @The same reply to the order question: 8pm to 10pm. @Computer color may vary depending on the actual product. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲▲Freight (posted by post): *Saturday. Most post offices are closed on Sunday-Little Kite Saturday. It is not possible to send goods on Sunday. *General small package registration-post office-**((cannot be delivered at specified time))**. *The package will not be received until about 2-4 days after it is sent-it depends on the situation of each post office-please pay attention. *When delivering at the post office-if no one receives the package-please bring your ID card and seal to the post office to pick up the package. *If you are not at home or it is inconvenient to send the package to your home-Little Kite will advise buyers to choose a family store (store to store to pick up the goods). ▲▲Freight (Family Superstore-Store to Store): *It will arrive at the designated supermarket about 2 days after delivery. (Not included-the supermarket is not open 24 hours-the waiting time will be longer) *There will be a short message for pickup notification-please bring the ID card with the buyer (I) and inform the super store clerk your name. Please be sure to pick up the goods within 6 days. *If the package has not been picked up because the time has passed, the supermarket will return the product to Little Kite. The buyer has to pay 60 yuan for the second freight. (If you want to go abroad or travel on business and other factors-you will miss the pick-up time for 6 days. Please leave a message to inform Little Kite-the goods will be postponed to send out) ▲Store to store to pick up the goods-refers to the payment has been made-then go to the supermarket to pick up the goods) **(((((((((((((((((No cash on delivery))))))))))))))))** ▲▲Buying platforms for multiple designers to collect freight: send to Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China. Please choose Pinkoi International Transit Center (Do not choose mail. Mail refers to the main island of Taiwan) manual: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ▲▲ Origin/manufacturing method: Taiwan MIT / small kite handmade ▲▲The most common situation of delay in receiving the package: 1. The family/management office building/neighbors have signed for it. 2. Schools, hospitals, large enterprises, and mailing rooms have been stamped to receive parcels and put them in the letter warehouse. 3. Remote mountainous areas. Taitung. Penghu. Matsu. Kinmen. (Need to wait 4-6 days more) (Little Kite is more worried than you that the package will not be received by you) ▲▲After receiving the goods: If the product is sent in the wrong color. The product is seriously damaged during delivery. Please inform the kite. We will find a way to deal with it. If you give a negative rating without any communication. Little Kite will cry (;_;)


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