Customized ∣ Cat Illustration Canvas Bag

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Di x 2
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Customized ∣ Cat Illustration Canvas Bag

รายละเอียดสินค้า - Bag Specifications- ⊙ Available in 2 sizes Width 30* Height 37cm, can hold A4 Width 40* Height 45cm, can hold A3 ⊙ All have no bottom width ⊙ The weight is about 5-10 kg (the value is for reference only) **Please read the following precautions carefully before placing an order!** - Precautions- ⊙ After the customized pattern is painted by the designer, the factory will carry out the single-sided digital printing of the bag. A maximum of 4 pieces can be placed in one picture. Please send a message to discuss before placing an order~ ⊙ The illustrations do not contain backgrounds and are not synthesized; if there are accessories on the cat, I will check whether to add them according to the situation. (The leash chest and back are usually not drawn) ⊙ Choose a clear photo as the main pattern, and basically it will be drawn with the expression and action of that picture. (If the photos are not clear to me, I will ask you for a few more) ⊙ Modifications will not be accepted after the drawing is completed. ⊙ Because it belongs to the illustration style, it cannot be compared with the realistic style, but the obvious features will be drawn. The finished product does not seem to be a personal impression, and refunds are not accepted. Please make sure it is the style you like before ordering! Please refer to the picture for the style. ⊙ All products will be put on the Di x 2 signature file. ⊙ Do not use the works for commercial projects such as logos, advertisements, cultural propaganda, etc. If you have other uses, please let us know, and we will quote according to the situation. ⊙ The photos are provided by the customer, please be responsible for any infringement. ⊙ This product is a customized product and does not apply to the seven-day hesitation period stipulated in Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law. Please confirm your needs before placing an order. ⊙ If you want to make the same illustration into other products, you can enjoy the additional purchase price, please go to the additional purchase area to purchase. (Additional purchase∣ Illustration canvas bag should be placed with the goods in the customized area, do not buy it separately) (Additional purchase ∣ large capacity tote bags need to be placed with the products in the customized area, do not buy separately) (Additional purchase∣ Air compressor case for mobile phone case should be ordered together with the products in the customized area, do not purchase separately) (Additional purchase∣ Ceramic absorbent coasters need to be ordered together with the products in the custom area, do not buy separately) ⊙ The copyright of the illustration belongs to Di x 2 Di Di, and the finished product has the right to display, publicize, etc. (For special circumstances, please take the initiative to inform non-disclosure) - In terms of color- ⊙ For white cats, please pay attention to the**printing relationship, so the white part will be directly presented in the primary**of the canvas~ ⊙ Depending on the material of the canvas, there may be some color difference after printing, and the color is mainly based on the actual product. - Free lettering service- ⊙ Both Chinese and English are acceptable. For aesthetic reasons, it is recommended to use less than 10 words. ⊙ If you need to add text, please take the initiative to inform the text content when ordering. - More news welcome Facebook fans to search for Di x 2 Di Di-


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Put the baby portrait on the bag! There is a free add-on service, think about what to write ❤️ Please send a message to discuss with me before ordering, thank you very much for your liking~


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