Vita pure black/casual shoes/doll shoes/canvas shoes. The size is too large when going abroad to Japan. Please order half a size smaller.

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ผ้าฝ้าย/ผ้าลินิน รองเท้าลำลองผู้หญิง สีดำ - Vita pure black/casual shoes/doll shoes/canvas shoes. The size is too large when going abroad to Japan. Please order half a size smaller.


1. Exclusive shoes for those with wide feet or thicker insteps. 2. The wide version of the devil's felt increases the convenience of putting on and taking off, and the hollowing out increases the sense of design and breathability. It is recommended not to wear socks to expose the instep, or to wear fluffy thick socks in autumn and winter. It is a good outfit. Lightweight wear-resistant soles and reinforced latex The insoles can be worn all day long without worrying about walking. 3. If the pattern is normally wider, please choose your normal size. If your feet are too thin, you can choose half a size smaller. 4. Made of pure black wine bag cloth, the texture is improved, easy to match, and it is stain-resistant and easy to care for. 5. Good design shoes that can be worn all year round Shoe details 1. Style: Vita pure black magic strap doll shoes 2. Upper material: wine bag canvas (thickness is thicker than ordinary canvas). It is relatively stiff and will show the characteristics of canvas after wearing it. 3. Insole: Breathable cloth + Polyurethane insole and highly elastic latex (generally, the elasticity of latex is not enough and the soles of the feet will become sore after walking for a long time) and will not collapse. 4. Outsole: Natural rubber molded sole, anti-slip and wear resistance are 50% higher than ordinary rubber 5. Origin: 100% produced locally in Taiwan (different from general semi-finished products that are imported and assembled in Taiwan) Design concept of the south gate: 1. The design combines the upward extension of clothing style, making it suitable for daily wear and having the comfort of sports shoes. 2. Subtractive design, remove unnecessary embellishments, and focus on simplicity. 3. Only think in terms of functionality and do not blindly pursue popularity. 4. Carefully select materials that have warmth to the touch or tell a story, and do not overly pursue perfection in the eyes of the public. 5. 100% high-quality products produced locally in Taiwan. **About returns and exchanges** __Exchange process__ 1. Exchanges will not be accepted for customized or customized products. Please be sure to contact us before exchanging them. 2. If you want to exchange the goods, please contact us by email within 7 days from the next day after receiving the goods. 3. Please send the complete product within 15 working days after the exchange application is successful. The returned product must be unused and have complete packaging, accessories and invoices, and notify us of the logistics unit using an on-site message. and shipping number. 4. For each order, the buyer shall bear the freight for returning the exchanged goods, and we shall bear the cost of sending the exchanged goods again. If the goods are exchanged more than once, the buyer will have to bear the return shipping costs from the second time. In addition, if it is a free-shipping product, the buyer must bear the return and shipping charges for exchange. 5. After we receive the exchange product and confirm the status of the product, we will send the designated replacement product within 7 working days. __Return process__ 1. Customized or customized products and defective discounted products will not be accepted for return. Please be sure to contact us before returning. 2. Refund application must be submitted within 7 days from the next day after receiving the goods. 3. We will contact you within 3 working days after receiving your application. 4. Please send the complete product within 4 working days after applying for a refund. The returned product must be unused and have complete packaging, accessories and invoices. Please inform us of the logistics unit and shipping unit in the site letter. Part number. 3. We will confirm the status of the goods and complete the refund process within 3 working days after receiving the goods. **Notes on logistics** __Hong Kong Region-SF Express__ Please note that SF Express will charge different surcharges to the recipient depending on the delivery address. The surcharge will be charged directly to you by SF Express, and the shipping fee paid on the order does not include the surcharge. **For shipping costs in other countries, please refer to the relevant shipping instructions below.**


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Only selected premium factories for export to Japan are made using natural materials such as cotton, Linen and rubber. They are environmentally friendly and do not use animal leather or chemical raw materials. They are 100% vegetarian shoes. They are produced entirely locally and create job opportunities at the same time. It may not be the cheapest but it is definitely It is the brand with the highest CP value and a very high customer repurchase rate. If you have never worn it before, you must experience the beauty of walking in person.


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