【Exchange Gift】Hive High Quality Stone Birthday Gift Graduation Gift

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Denny Chang
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【Exchange Gift】Hive High Quality Stone Birthday Gift Graduation Gift


__**:: Special attention, please open the package as soon as possible and take it out of the bubble bag as soon as you receive the product, because the effect of the diffuser Stone is not only to diffuse the fragrance but also to absorb moisture. After taking it out, keep it ventilated to avoid excessive moisture.**__ :: Product desciption:: Honeycomb Stone The diffuser Stone itself is odorless, and the essential oil or perfume can be dripped on the diffuser to absorb the flavor for a period of time. Please remember to drop it on the back. Can be placed in closed spaces such as cabinets, drawers, etc. The fragrance can last longer It is also recommended to hang it in the bathroom, as the essential oil can effectively change the smell in the bathroom, and the fragrance will last longer. Stacked honeycombs or placed flat on the table are very healing Buy a few more and combine them into your own honeycomb fragrance area :: size:: length Width Thickness 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 cm White or yellow :: Package Contents:: **-**Each piece is protected by a bubble bag, and the outer box is a kraft carton **-**10 sets of styles are optional. After placing the order, you can directly leave a message on which style, quantity and color you want, and you cannot ship without leaving a message **-**None of the related fee receipts are included, please rest assured to purchase, if you need to issue a separate receipt, please send us a private message **-**Each box comes with instructions for use, easy to give gifts **-**Wedding small items, bulk order has another discount :: Value-added services:: -Free writing service for birthday and congratulation cards. If necessary, please place an order and make a note directly, and try to be as concise as possible. :: Precautions:: This product is a hard diffused Stone, not a Wax piece. Every piece of work is purely handmade, and it is normal for manual modulation to have color differences or surface bubbles and other manual traces. If you are too perfectionists, please buy with caution! No fragrance is provided for each item, because everyone has different preferences. It is recommended that the taste that you have personally smelled and liked is the best choice. The essential oil smells the most comfortable and the fragrance is the most durable. :: The principle of diffused Stone:: The diffuser Stone can absorb water vapor and adjust the humidity through its many tiny pores (not flaws!). When the humidity of the diffuser Stone is lower than the humidity in the air, it will absorb water vapor into the air; when the fragrance is diffused When the essential oil is applied to the Stone drops, the humidity is adjusted to achieve the effect of diffused. After the scent becomes weak, the scent is added, and it can be reused. :: Special usage:: ✔ Placed in wardrobes, drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc., can absorb moisture, deodorize and make the space fragrant (the size of the diffuser will affect the diffusion range) ✔ The bathroom is damp and has a strange smell, hang a tag and drip with essential oils, the smell instantly changes ✔ If you put it in a bag, it is recommended to use a snow gauze bag or a gauze bag of a Chinese medicine bag This can avoid traces of friction in the bag and increase the service life! ✔ It is strictly forbidden to make a hand-made diffused Stone


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Stacked honeycombs or placed flat on the table are very healing, buy a few more and combine them to form your own honeycomb fragrance area


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