Fish Seven Points Sea Turtle Party Christmas Gift Box Exchange Gifts

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Fish Seven Points Sea Turtle Party Christmas Gift Box Exchange Gifts


*The stickers are packaged with plastic packaging materials The attitude of the sea turtle has always made people yearn for it The Sea Turtle Carnival Party of Yu Qifen helped everyone to collect all kinds of sea turtles. **Contents**: Green Turtle Notebook Turtle Essay Postcard Seeing into the Ocean-Green Turtle Postcard Turtle Tortoise Luminous Postcard Taiwan's Turtle Sticker Set Green Turtle Baby Socks Turtle Drink Carrying Ocean Friends Postcard-Turtle **Green Turtle Notebook** The carapace of the green turtle is a perfect post-impressionist painting, with bold colors and clear strokes like Van Gogh's style of painting! 80 pages of road forest paper with B5 size inner page grid **Looking into the ocean-green turtle postcard** At the very beginning of getting to know the sea, we looked down from the sea level Across the changing sea waves, I saw the vitality of the green sea turtle revealing the sea Sewn by two sheets of paper, the upper water ripples have a three-dimensional and slightly convex touch The lower layer of paper is a pearl-like material. It is recommended to use an oil-based pen for writing. **Turtle Essay Postcard** There are 7 species of sea turtles in the world, and 5 species can be seen in Taiwan! Which five are it? This postcard tells you all about it! Fine-grained paper double-sided color printing manual hot embossing processing *Postcards are processed by hand embossing and each has slight differences **Tortoise luminous postcard** The ocean is like the inner universe, and look up at the real universe Did you see what I saw too? The material is star phantom paper and hand painted with luminous paint. The brightness of each sheet is slightly different. The luminous effect will be more obvious when using high-power bulbs or sunlight! *The luminescent material of the postcard is hand-processed, and the degree of luminescence of each is slightly different. **Taiwan's sea turtle sticker set** There are 7 species of sea turtles in the world, and 5 species can be seen in Taiwan! Which five are it? This turtle tells you all about it! Waterproof, UV and oil resistant stickers, suitable for stickers on computers, suitcases, safety helmets, water bottles, etc. **Green Turtle Baby Socks** Green turtles return to their birth to lay eggs every May to October After 50 days of baby green turtles breaking out of their shells, they will swim hard to the sea! Material: 80% cotton 10% Spandex 10% nylon Size: Adult women are suitable for feet with a length of about 22.5-26cm **Turtle Drink Carry** Since 1987, the Taiwan government has completely banned the use of plastic bags for beverages The durable canvas beverage strap allows you to love the earth even when you buy beverages! Dimensions length and width: 12x8cm Bag length: 19cm Applicable beverage cup: 500-700ml Pattern range A full circle Material canvas Maintenance Wash by hand or put it in a laundry bag and use the washing machine After washing, pat dry with a towel, do not wring dry **Ocean Friends Postcard-Turtle** The Ocean Friends series postcards are all drawn with bright watercolor and Acrylic. In order to echo the childlike style, paper with fine silver powder is selected; the thickness of the paper has also been significantly increased, up to 1mm! In addition, the front and back are high-quality Color printing, the integrity is quite good! Size: 183x92mm Thickness: 480p (about 1mm) Material: Silver dot paper (fine silver powder on the paper) There are 7 species of sea turtles in the world, and 5 species can be seen in Taiwan. Turtles like warm waters and can migrate long distances. So except for the Arctic Ocean, they can be seen all over the world. Sea turtles lay their eggs on land, So when it’s the spawning season, it will travel a long distance from the foraging ground to the spawning place. And it is usually their birthplace.


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The contents of the Sea Turtle Carnival Party (8 items in total): Postcard*4 Notebook*1 Sticker set*1 Socks*1 Drink strap*1


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