【เวิร์คช็อป】Enamel/Seven Po-yaki Handmade Course│Necklace + Earring Set│1 person in class

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The enamel class has a sense of accomplishment~Because each class has works created but the effect of presentation is not fully controllable, especially the special technique of spraying enamel using different flow rate of enamel. To be honest, some parts It's luck, but it's also more interesting because of this.
13/05/2021 (พฤ
ไต้หวัน / Tainan City
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 15 นาที
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【เวิร์คช็อป】Enamel/Seven Po-yaki Handmade Course│Necklace + Earring Set│1 person in class


👉All courses are taught in small classes by 1 person. The fee includes lecturers, materials, tools and equipment, kiln burning fees and venue fees & refreshments 1 per person https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49840218567_92e6aabe3c_b.jpg [Outline of activity process] 💎💎💎Enamel is an extreme craft under strict standards, and it is an adventure game of color in temperature. Since the enamel products are purely handmade, they cannot be copied, so owning is the only one. Since the ancient Egyptian civilization, enamel has been regarded as a noble ornament. Because it has a glass-like raw material essence and has a special beauty, it not only makes the appearance of painted objects smooth and detailed, but also has a rich and gorgeous color. 1. Glazing: Before glazing, we must check whether the surface of the carcass is clean and free of stains. Only a clean surface can make the combination between the glaze and the carcass more perfect, and then fill it up. All kinds of colored glazes you need. 2. Kiln firing: We generally need to fire enamelware. We always put the utensils in a sealed kiln. The temperature should reach about 800 degrees. It is best to burn the glaze after such a high temperature. Appears smoother and transparent. 🎈🎈🎈After class sharing tips for taking beautiful photos for your work🎈🎈🎈 【Introduction of Lecturer】 Yang Suzhen Playing with design-my deepest experience is that design should be a very happy thing, and it is not necessary to rely on it to make ends meet and survive. Design is the pursuit of beauty and quality based on survival. I need to use my enthusiasm to impress others and let others pay attention to the life dream I pursue. Make a beautiful ring, a beautiful necklace, and an interesting bracelet. They express my beautiful vision for the future life. Be very happy with my design. And the design itself is a dance with chains... 【Bus Guide】 ※Urban bus "3" road│The fare is 18 yuan for a section of ticket From Tainan Railway Station to Chongde Tenth Street Exit: Tainan Railway Station (South Station) → Tainan Railway Station (North Station) → County Governor's Residence → Dongmen Circle → Dongmen Church → Dongmen City → Longshan Temple → Health Bureau → Fuqiang Market → East District Office → Chongming Intersection → Cultural Center (Taiwan Sugar Evergreen Hotel) → Zhonghua East Chongde Intersection → Chongde Fifth Street Intersection → 👉Chongde Tenth Street Intersection (Get off at this station and walk to "Building Goods" for about 1 minute) →...Fuxing Middle School ※The red line of the trunk and branch line "Red 4" road From Tainan Bus Station to Chongde Fifth Street Exit: Tainan Bus Station → Tainan Railway Station (North Station) → Tainan Railway Station (South Station) → County Governor's Residence → Dongmen Circle → Thoracic Hospital → United Daily News → Dalin New Town → Zhongxiao New Village → Dalin → Bakery Park → Chongde 5 Jiekou (get off at this station and walk to Chongde Tenth Street "Building Fun Art" about 5 minutes) →.........Chi Mei Museum ※High-speed rail feeder "H62" From Tainan High Speed Rail Station to Cultural Center/Taiwan Evergreen Hotel: High Speed Rail Tainan Station → Chimei Hospital High Speed Rail Tainan Station → Yilin 1st Street Intersection → Rende → Rende Interchange → Funong Street Intersection → Zhonghua East East Gate Intersection → 👉 Cultural Center / Evergreen Taisugar Hotel (Get off at this station and walk to Chongde Tenth Street ``Building fun art'', about 15 minutes)→.......Kuitian Hotel




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